Luxury Trends For Your Bathroom

Luxury Trends For Your Bathroom

If we asked you to think of a bathroom, what do you think of?

A stark, white and inviting room only offering a space that is used for practical reasons? You would be one of many people that neglect their bathroom in the design stakes.

While we spend hours poring over design sites and publications to help us make other rooms of the house personal and accommodating, adorning them with colour, pattern and pride – the most used room in the house often gets neglected.

To help overcome this design quandary, we looked to some of the most luxurious hotel bathrooms to inspire you to create a place of sanctuary, one that provides you with inspiration and motivation in the morning and a place of sanctuary at night.


Luxury Trends For Your Bathroom - Stone

Sleek limestone baths are not only a luxury design piece that will turn any bathroom into a space that would belong in any of the world’s top hotels, but they are also a nod to the ‘eco-chic’ trend that is trickling into everyday life. When coupled with large stone tiles and simple chrome fixtures it provides a much understated, calming room.

A natural stone bathroom should feature oriental accents; accessories such as orchids, wooden bath mats and Geisha art add to the zen-like feel of a tranquil retreat.


Luxury Trends For Your Bathroom - Spa Bathroom

We all long for a home spa, and it’s possibly one of the easiest designs to recreate at home. The features can stay the same for a spa feel room, regardless of the colour theme; mosaic tiles feature heavily as do dim lighting, this isn’t practical for that early morning power shower, so installing a sleek dimmer switch creates the best of both worlds; alternatively, a strategic scattering of scented candles will create the same soothing effect.

Recreate spa like luxury with simple touches like fluffy towels folded neatly and adding some foliage, if its peace of mind you are looking – plants will serve to ease your stress and purify your surroundings. For extra luxury, invest in the latest bathroom technology to stimulate all the senses.


Luxury Trends For Your Bathroom - Moroccan Style

Decadent and moody, Moroccan inspired rooms never fail to disappoint in any room in the home. Rich patterns, bold patterns and exquisite colours take pride of place in this trend. One of the best elements of Moroccan style is that it works at both ends of the spectrum, you can opt to go for a rustic and earthen style, or create a contemporary, glamourous version and still maintain authenticity.

Shapes are important in Moroccan style, accessories should be bold and hold integrity to tradition.


Pops of bright colour like ruby red or cerise pink on a feature wall (or all of the walls if the room can hold it!) instantly adds glamour. Boutique rooms are draped in ornate features such as large lavish frames and mirrors coupled with alternative textures and materials; roll top baths or opulent shimmering tiles covering the exterior of a more traditional styles.

Rather than opt for traditional ceiling lights, look towards stylish floor lamps and wall fixture up light to create a decadent atmosphere.

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