Moving Out Checklist: 5 Things To Do Before Vacating Your Rented Home

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When moving out of a rented property, you might be so excited to begin a new chapter in life, make new friends, and new experiences that you forget about the rental property you are vacating.

For a smooth move with no conflicts, you need to comply with tenants’ responsibilities. Ensuring you give your landlord a reasonable move notice and leaving the property in good condition are some of the things that will make your move pain free.

Here are the things you should do before moving out of a rented property.

1. Review the Rental Agreement

There is an agreement you signed before you started living on the property. Different rental agencies have different terms and policies, so you need to look at your contract. You might have forgotten about some rules and regulations, especially the end of lease liabilities. Make sure you note all things you need to do before moving out.

2. Supply the Landlord with A Move Out Notice

It is imperative to notify your landlord one month before moving out. Create a written notification containing the desired move out date, rent payment statement, and a request for deposit return. Additionally, leave the property on the stated date to avoid conflicts with your landlord.

3. Settle Any Pending Bills

Remember to pay utility bills, service providers, taxes, and any other kind of services before relocating to a different place in preparation for your move.

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Additionally, liaise with service providers so that they can disconnect services when you move out. Keep your receipts in a good place so that you can have proof of payments in case of a conflict.

If you fail to settle arrears on time, the landlord has the right to clear the charges using your deposit. Therefore, it is prudent to ensure that you pay all bills before moving out.

4. Have A Look At The Property

Often many of the valuables in a rental property belong to the landlord. So, make sure you only remove what you moved in with and leave everything of your landlords in the property. Repair all damages that were caused by you. If the damages were caused by acts of God, like storms etc., that is acceptable.

Some of the little damages you should consider, include holes and dirt on the walls and floor.

5. Clean the Property

Ensure the property is spotless before you leave. This is essential to ensure you get back your deposit. For impressive results, consider hiring a reputable cleaning service to deep clean the property. If you are in need of a reputable company who offers end of lease cleaning Hobart has many to choose from – all it takes is just a simple online search.

Take your belongings out and let professionals clean the property thoroughly to avoid incurring additional charges. In short, strive to leave the property in the condition it was when you moved in.

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