The Benefits Of Rockwool Insulation

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When it comes to insulation there are a number of options open for you to choose from.

Each one has its own benefits and reasons to choose it. However, for this particular blog post we are going to look at rockwool. 

What is rockwool insulation?

Rockwool insulation is a type of mineral wool insulation. It is formed using certain rocks, which are heated to an incredibly high temperature before being spun into a fine wool. Rockwool insulation is suitable for both cavity insulation and loft insulation and is made into compressed boards which are rigid. Meaning that they are going to be strong, durable and long lasting too. 

What are the benefits of rockwool insulation?

Having any form of insulation in your home, be it in your walls or in your loft, is better than having none. However, if you are looking for an insulation that is going to really work for you, then you are going to want to consider rockwool insulation.

The first reason is because it is designed to offer high levels of thermal insulation. By having it installed in your property, you will soon notice a difference in the temperature within your property and also the fact that your energy bills will be much lower.

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This is because it traps the hot air that you have made from fires, heaters or radiators and allows it to move freely around the different parts of your house, rather than escaping out of those key spots such as the walls or the loft. 

As well as improving the insulation in your home, by trapping the heat in and stopping the cold air coming in; it can also reduce noise from the outside. This is incredibly worthwhile doing if you live in a busy area or on a main road, whereby you are concerned about the amount of noise that you may be able to hear, especially if you have already tried having double glazing installed and you are still finding that it can be heard. 

Rockwool insulation is also able to withstand incredibly high temperatures, due to the fact that it is made from rock. In fact, it can handle 1000°C without melting; something that is hugely important in order to stop the spread of fire in a property.

One final benefit of rockwool compared to others is that it is breathable, this means that it is great in being able to limit damp in a home. It does this by allowing moisture to travel across a wall and moving it into the outside air. 

If you are considering rockwool insulation for your property, then it is important that you speak to an expert about having it installed. They will be able to advise you not only the process of having it installed but also a price too. They can also help to ensure that the installation is a success and that you are left with a perfectly insulated house. 

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