5 Budget-Friendly House Renovations

5 Budget-Friendly House Renovations - Image From LondonHomeRrenovations.co.uk

Whether you’re looking to renovate your home to raise the property value when it comes to selling time, or whether you want to update your house to keep up with the trends, both reasons can be a little costly.

While the obvious way to increase the value of a house would be to add an extra bedroom, this isn’t exactly budget friendly, and there are plenty of other renovations that you can do that will be just as worthwhile, and cost less.

Update the Kitchen

5 Budget-Friendly House Renovations - Painted Kitchen - Image From IdealHome.co.uk

Image Source: IdealHome.co.uk

Renovating one room will cost a lot less than renovating every room in the house. If you’re going to pick one room to do up, then make sure that it is the kitchen, in other words, the heart of the home.

This should be the first room that should be renovated simply because more people are going to see it than the bedroom or dining room – especially if it is open plan.

Tidy Up the Garden

5 Budget-Friendly House Renovations - Autumn Garden

How many times have you driven past a house and completely judged the lack of care over someone’s garden? I can imagine it being quite a lot, especially if you purchased an abandoned property that had been left for a long period of time.

It doesn’t cost much to mow the lawn or plant a few extra plants, and it will make your house a lot more appealing and more sellable. Plus, garden work can all be done on a DIY basis so no need to pay for labour.

Making the exterior look nice is one step closer to a buyer!

Invest in Overfloor Heating

The sound of underfloor heating probably seems like a luxury, and a lot of effort as it means that labourers will have to get down to the pipes. However, if you haven’t heard of overfloor heating, you’ll be in for a treat.

Overfloor heating gets placed underneath your laminate, carpet or tiles, and can be installed in a matter of hours. Not only is it a lot cheaper than underfloor heating to install, but it will also save you money on your energy bill per month, and it will appeal a lot more to potential house buyers.

Get Painting

5 Budget-Friendly House Renovations - Image From AlphaStockImages.com

Image Source: AlphaStockImages.com

A tin of paint doesn’t cost much, and if you haven’t applied paint in a good couple of years, then going over it will make all the difference.

Get a few cans of paint and spend a day going over each room, especially the white ones that have been affected with grease, dirt and smoke (if there is a smoker in the house).

Add an Extra Room

I originally mentioned that you don’t need an extension, and this is still true even for this point. You don’t need to physically build another room to add value to a property, however, you can develop a room that is already there.

For example, rather than using the garage to store junk, bikes and boxes of childhood toys, you could develop it into a gym, or a cinema room. There are plenty of articles on Google that suggest cool things to do to your garage.

Main Image Source: LondonHomeRenovations.co.uk

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