How To Coordinate Your Kitchen Island And Cabinets

How To Coordinate Your Kitchen Island And Cabinets - Image From

Your kitchen island and cabinetry are the two main aspects of a kitchen.

Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure you choose colours and styles that compliment each other and make your kitchen look more on trend.

Here are four tips to help you find an island that matches your cabinetry:

Colour and texture

How To Coordinate Your Kitchen Island And Cabinets - Image From

When searching for cabinets and an island for your kitchen, you should consider which colour and texture would best suit your space. It’s always helpful to choose neutral colours since they are always in style and can match well with several other aspects of your kitchen.

By picking a light grey or brown you’re giving yourself a lot of flexibility when designing your kitchen and will avoid having to redo your kitchen in a few years.

The colours you choose will influence the style of your kitchen. In general, you should choose colours that are stylish as well as practical. If your cabinetry has a bold colour, consider creating a contrast if you want to make your island stand out. Usually, dark colours and bright colours complement each other very well.

Galaxy Granite and Ubatuba granite are popular options for a kitchen island. If you’d like a more symmetric kitchen, then a sophisticated grey granite will work well. For honey-coloured wood cabinetry, darker granite such as Black Absolute or Black Galaxy will create a perfect contrast.

If you have dark cabinets in your kitchen, then Crema Caramel Granite, White Ice Granite or Colonial Cream Granite will be ideal. You can also consider experimenting with complementary colours, for instance, brown cabinets can match with a neutral coloured granite, such as a beige or brown granite like Bordeaux River and Vicenza brown.

It’s also important to consider the texture of the surface in your décor. According to, to give your kitchen a polished look you should consider having your cabinets and island in the same finish. It will make your kitchen trendier and uniform.


How To Coordinate Your Kitchen Island And Cabinets - Image From


Based on the versatility of natural stones, it’s advisable that you choose the stone for your island before picking out the cabinetry.

In terms of natural stone, granite islands often have the most versatility. They’re an enticing choice for a kitchen island since they’re stunning as well as very durable and wear exceptionally well in busy areas.

Also, marble is a popular choice for kitchen islands due to its bold veining and can add a dramatic focal point to your room.

Homeowners often choose natural stones for their island since they’re aesthetically appealing and contrast perfectly with their cabinets.

When searching for cabinets, people tend to gravitate towards hardwood, plywood as well as medium density fiberboard (MDF). Hardwood has a smooth and gorgeous look that often works wonderfully in a kitchen. In addition, hardwood is able to withstand a lot of pressure, it’s easy to fix and is great for busy environments, such as a kitchen.

Plywood is budget friendly and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to keep it looking great, as with medium density fiberboard. This material will complement your kitchen and if you decide to change your cabinet colour it is easily to paint over .

Contrast your cabinets and island

How To Coordinate Your Kitchen Island And Cabinets - Image From


In general, your kitchen will look more appealing and impressive if you match your dark cabinets with a light island or your light cabinets with a dark island. The contrast between the two colours will grab people’s attention and draw them into the design of the kitchen.

Dark wood cabinetry goes perfectly with a light and creamy natural stone. Likewise, a light oak wood matches very well with a dark black granite. Again grabbing peoples attention due to the pleasing look of the contrasting colours.

Lifestyle and Personal Taste

How To Coordinate Your Kitchen Island And Cabinets - Image From

While searching for ways to have your kitchen island complement your cabinets, you should take into account your daily routine as well as your own design preferences.

For example, if you have a large family with young kids then you will need cabinets that are able to withstand wear and tear and an island that is durable and stain resistant.

Also, take into consideration how much storage is appropriate for your family when looking for new cabinets. In addition, think of your own sense of style and which island and cabinets appeal most to you and would complement your kitchen the best.

Another aspect that can influence your decision is maintenance. Factor in how regularly you would be happy to care for your island to keep it looking new and beautiful. Some natural stones require more upkeep than others. For instance, quartz requires minimal maintenance whereas marble is likely to stain.

Coordinating your kitchen island and cabinetry goes beyond just choosing a style and colour. There’s several factors that make up your decision and influence how your kitchen will look. It’s wise to match the materials you choose with your lifestyle and the overall decor of your home.

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