4 Reasons To Choose Bespoke Home Storage Furniture

4 Reasons To Choose Bespoke Home Storage Furniture - Image Via Livingetc.com - bespoke by Daniel Hopwood, Wrapped In An Alcantara Fabric.

It is a fact of domestic life that we accumulate things over time.

However disciplined you may be about regular decluttering, there will always be things you need to store at home. From clothes to household linens, from toys to tools, music collections, kitchenware and bathroom paraphernalia, it all has to go somewhere.

Effective storage is the answer to many of these problems. Whether you live in a compact city pad or a rambling country home, having enough space to put your ‘stuff’ doesn’t just depend on how big your home is. As they say, it’s not size that counts, it’s what you do with it. That’s where built-in storage can be the magic ingredient.

Fitted furniture, integrated cupboards, clever concealed storage, bespoke solutions – whatever you want to call this alternative approach to freestanding pieces of furniture, it can make a huge difference to your home, both in terms of functionality and style. Let’s take a closer look at how made-to-measure storage furniture can enhance your home and lifestyle.

Maximising the use of space

4 Reasons To Choose Bespoke Home Storage Furniture - Image Via HomeBuilding.com

Source: Home Building

When space is at a premium, it’s essential to make the most of what you have available. By default, freestanding furniture is less efficient at using space than storage solutions that have been tailor made to fit into a particular area.

For rooms with awkward corners or small alcoves, sloping ceilings, recessed walls or otherwise inaccessible areas, built-in furniture is a great way to streamline the layout and enhance the sense of space, while yielding plenty of concealed storage. Loft conversions, attic rooms and home extensions are a case in point.

Tailor made for your needs

4 Reasons To Choose Bespoke Home Storage Furniture - Image Via ClassicInteriors.co.uk

Source: Classic Interiors

Once the shape and dimensions of the room have been taken into account to design the perfect  made-to-measure piece, the finish can be customised to your heart’s desire. There’s an array of materials and customising options to choose from including matt or gloss, veneer or wood, painted or natural – in wealth of different styles, colours and textures.

Why not create a feature wall with built-in shelving against a contrast wallpaper? Or install wall-to-wall fitted wardrobes that blend into the background, perhaps adding space-saving sliding doors or space-doubling mirror doors?

Creating order and organisation

4 Reasons To Choose Bespoke Home Storage Furniture - Image Via Dongola.info

Source: Dongola.info

A place for everything and everything in its place. Commissioning bespoke fitted furniture for your home is the perfect opportunity to improve your personal organisation and help you keep on top of clutter.

Whether you are setting up a home office in the loft, refurbishing your kitchen diner or redecorating a bedroom, integrated storage can be adapted to suit the room’s purpose and needs. Think about the internal organisation of wardrobes for the master bedroom, teenage bedrooms or nurseries – they all have different clothes storage requirements.

A study or library will need space for files, books and computer equipment, while dinnerware and glassware should be easily accessible but safely stored away in the dining area.

Easy to clean and maintain

4 Reasons To Choose Bespoke Home Storage Furniture - Image Via IdealHome.co.uk

Source: Ideal Home

Freestanding furniture has another disadvantage: the gaps around the furniture, unused space around and at the top of wardrobes or wall cabinets are real dust magnets – and these hard-to-reach spaces are not easy to clean.

Integrated storage solutions do away with all the faff, eliminating nooks and crannies where dirt can gather. When it comes to keeping your home looking neat and tidy, this is a huge bonus since it makes cleaning a doddle. With fitted cupboards and cabinets, a simple wipeover is usually all that’s required.

Finally, it should be stressed that going down the bespoke rather than the freestanding storage route is much more than just a practical choice. Working with an experienced joiner or made-to-measure storage furniture supplier, you can be sure to have beautifully designed furniture in your home that is unique to your personal tastes and the specifications of your home.

Main Image Source: Livingetc.com

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