Hidden In Plain Sight: The Finishing Touches That Make A Home

Scandi living room with neutral decor

Like making a house into a home, adding some magical finishing touches to a room really does bring a room together.

And while we all have grand ideas that every room in our home will look reminiscent of a showroom from the IKEA shop floor, the reality is that some people can easily miss adding the all important elements that really do tie a room together. 

Want to see just how easy it can be to make a room show of it’s full personality? Here are 6 great tips to make sure you aren’t missing out on those features hiding in plain sight.

Frames, Frames & More Frames

Some people spend far too much time on Instagram or TikTok. I would be more than embarrassed if my phone could tell me how much time I spend every month looking at prints and frames on Etsy. You pop a frame up on a wall, and you’re instantly adding character to a room

Plant leaf in picture frame on green shelf.

Suppose you’re a bit of a minimalist. No need to fret. A few A5/A6 size prints or photos in a few frames will have an impact and help give a room some character, whilst keeping the minimalist asthetic. Just make sure you buy those little strips for sticking a frame up. It’s much less hassle than using a hammer and nails.

Your radiator bits and bobs

Like cufflinks on a suit or a splash of fruit in a glass of fizz, updating the features at either side of your radiator can have a dramatic effect. I’m talking specifically about those valves and pipe sleeves that are either a musty shade of white or covered in paint.

Out with the old and in with the new. Get yourself some snap-on pipe sleeves for a little shine, and replace those clumsy old valves you don’t know how to use with some new and easy to use TRV valves instead. If you love snapping up a good bargain, I recommend giving https://www.traderadiators.com/radiator-valves/thermostatic-radiator-valves a snoop for deals on fancy valves.

Tres cool with some trays

This tip goes out to all those people who struggle to have coffee tables or side tables in smaller living rooms, especially those living in apartments. Get yourself a stylish tray. If you’re thinking of those old metal ones your grandparents would pop tea and biscuits on, think again. 

Stylish tray with drinks and biscuits placed on top

Even I was surprised to see how trays look these days. If you have a living room with a stool of puff but no table, a tray from the likes of Dunelm, M&S or Wayfair is going to look the part and ensure people aren’t leaving cups and glasses lying around.

A touch of green

Designing a room without a plant in it? That needs to stop. If you’ve been cooped up indoors for the better part of the last year without any succulents or leafy plants dotted around the home, you need to change that immediately.

Having more plants helps lift your mood and injects a splash of colour in any room. If you’re clueless about where to start, read this article on How To Make The Most Of Houseplants In Your Home.

Pick & mix with textures

If there was ever an excuse to shop for throws, this is it. Textural contrasts in rooms help add character and warmth in an instant. If everything is the same from floor to ceiling, you are creating a cold space without even thinking about it. Most homes actually already have a room where they see this in effect.

Grey sofa with pink throw

Go to your bathroom and remove any towels or mats and then look around. Right away, you can sense how clinical the space feels. I’m not saying go crazy with throws and cushions, but give yourself a few areas that you can add texture to. If you’re at a loss of how to do it and have a room with a wooden or tiled floor, two words: big rug!

Now go fill in those gaps

I hope my handful of tips serves you well. As always, if you’re looking for more inside inspiration, be sure to read the latest interior posts for the blog here.

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