5 Most Popular Marble Designs For Your Kitchen  

5 Most Popular Marble Designs For Your Kitchen  

The word marble was deduced from a Greek word armaros’ which means shiny stone or to flash sparkle or gleam.

This ancient stone has for centuries been used around the world for different purposes in and out of the household. From sculptures, church walls to floor tiles, marble is a natural stone that has secured its top place among other natural materials used in houses to date.

Today, marble is a sign of luxury, affluence, and style. Homeowners choose different varieties of marble depending on their sense of style and their actions in the kitchen.

They usually come cut in slabs, tiles, or pavers. Some of the most preferred variety of marble countertops include:

Calacatta Marble

This is the most luxurious, most expensive type of marble. It is very rare and has enticingly unique features. It has thick dark veins and is white in colour.

Calacata Borghini Marble

5 Most Popular Marble Designs For Your Kitchen - Calacatta Borghini Marble

With a unique mix of thick gold and grey veining placed beautifully on white stone, this is the most preferred type for kitchen islands and countertops.

Calacatta Gold Marble

Also white in colour, this equally rare type of marble has golden veins and brings a sense of nobility to any space in your house. It blends seamlessly with other marble countertops.

Calacatta Michelangelo marble

5 Most Popular Marble Designs For Your Kitchen - Calacatta Michelangelo Marble

This type of marble contains faint grey veining against a white background and is meant for those homeowners who choose to remain inconspicuous yet maintain a neat yet elegant theme.

Carrara Marble

This type of marble has a striking resemblance to the Calacatta marble. When you look closely, however, you’ll realize that despite Carrara marble also being white. It has bold grey veining and is the most common and hence the cheapest type of marble.

Silver Beige or Talathello Marble

Against a faint grey background, this type of marble has touches of beige and silver patterns.

Crema Marfil Marble

5 Most Popular Marble Designs For Your Kitchen - Tan Brown Classic Granite

This Spanish Natural marble is prevalently beige in colour and comes with darker veining.

Levadia Black Marble

Otherwise known as Titanium black marble, this type of marble is black and is magnificently decorated with whitish greyish veining. It makes for beautiful kitchen countertops.

Emperador Marble

5 Most Popular Marble Designs For Your Kitchen - Emperador Golden Marble

This beautiful stone has grey veining against placed against a light or dark brown background.

Nero Marquina Marble

Similar to Titanium Black Marble, this type of marble is also black in color. The only difference is that it has a white veining.

Marble designs for your kitchen

5 Most Popular Marble Designs For Your Kitchen  


Marble is very appealing to the eye and many who opt for it are glad with their decision. To design your kitchen, you can pair specific types of marble or use other different materials together with marble to achieve a particular look.

Here are some popular marble design ideas you can use in your kitchen:

Some homeowners aim to maintain a minimalist white theme. If this is the case, use the Loto Black Gold counter tops with silver sinks, taps, drawer handles and appliances. The countertop will pop against the white walls and cabinets. This design gives your kitchen that dramatic effect you’re not going to find anywhere else.

If you have a gold theme in your kitchen with gold appliances, cutlery, cabinetry, and other accessories, a Calacatta Gold marble countertop will fit in perfectly and bring a bright and unique look to what was otherwise a dull kitchen.

For kitchens with transparent glass walls, nothing will complete the overall look of your kitchen better than the Calacatta Marble. It is elegant, beautiful and brings a sense of contrast and simplicity to any kitchen.

The Emperador Dark Marble does an amazing job of transforming your kitchen space. It’s advisable to paint any cabinetry and open walls white to maintain a bold appearance without going overboard.

If you want marble countertops but are turned off by the high prices than consider Carrara Marble countertops. This marble is not only affordable and easy to find but it will give you the same distinguished classic design you could get from other more expensive types of marble. The Carrara marble works well with all colours which give you the freedom to paint your floors and walls whatever colour you want.

Calacatta Borghini Marble pairs very well with hardwood flooring and hardwood cabinets. It blends seamlessly to complement the overall look of your kitchen. You can use this type of marble on the kitchen walls or as slabs to use as kitchen countertops.

Are you thinking of adding some dark marble to your kitchen? Nero Marquina Marble, Levadia Black Marble or Emperador Marble are the best types of marble to use. With bright lighting in your kitchen you can discover the real beauty of these natural stones.

The smooth feel of the marble, imperfections, or amount of impurities present, are factors that can help you understand which type of marble you’re looking at.

These same factors contribute to the pricing of the marble tile or slab along with how rare or common that type of marble is. There’s no such thing as bad quality marble or good quality marble, marble is marble. The hard part comes when you have to choose one out of the almost infinite varieties of marble tiles out there.

Marble is also very demanding when it comes to maintenance. Remember this is natural stone is prone to oxidation. Using cotton cloths dipped in gentle noncorrosive cleaners does a great job at keeping your marble countertops looking gorgeous.

To keep it ever shiny, and maintain its perfect looks, one must ensure that their marble surfaces are frequently polished and resealed twice or three times a year. This ensures the marble serves you for decades without losing its ravishing looks.

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