6 Ways to ensure a great business meeting

6 Ways to ensure a great business meeting - Image From Pendone Rose Of Aker Solutions Office

If you want to ensure the success of your meeting, then give some thought to your meeting room’s design.

Clutter free

Keep your meeting room clutter free to enhance the sense of space and well-being. A cluttered room makes people feel negative, and that’s not a good vibe for a meeting room.

Don’t use your meeting room as a dumping ground for all the things you don’t know what to do with, that old slide projector or the coffee machine you hope to fix.

Spring clean

Keep your meeting room sparkling, a dirty room gives a negative impression. Don’t let your meeting room be the one in which toe nail cuttings were found in the carpet – yes really, Yuk!

Also, be certain to keep on top of all the regular maintenance jobs too, peeling paint work, wallpaper coming away from the walls or a damp stain on the ceiling would all give a poor impression.

So keep on top of the seasonal maintenance, if your guests think you pay a poor attention to detail and a lack of care to small jobs, they might wonder what larger jobs you’re not doing properly.

Mostly white

6 Ways to ensure a great business meeting - Image From Visualisation – Mark Jordan @ Peldon Rose.

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In terms of decoration, keep things light and bright. There is much debate about the use of colour in meeting rooms, but again and again, we’ve seen white used to good effect, look online, and you’ll see lots of examples. White reflects light and will make your room feel spacious.

Colour pops

6 Ways to ensure a great business meeting

Do incorporate fresh pops of colour – the Guardian’s office at King’s Place, London is a good case in point here, striking a bright, fresh note.

You could introduce a feature wall, but it’s probably best to keep bold colour to elements you can easily change. Add statement chairs in uplifting hues and channel mid-century chic while you’re at it, consider Danerka’s Model Rondo or an Eames inspired design.

Sunny shades add a positive, cheery element to a room and make people feel happy – what more could you want for a successful meeting?

Quirky references

6 Ways to ensure a great business meeting - Image of AutoTrader Office in London - Image Via OfficeSnapShots.com

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To engage your guests, incorporate quirky industry references to your meeting room, like an engineering blueprint or engineering parts, AutoTrader’s office sets a good example here.

Alternatively, invoke nostalgia, such as the creative agency based on an old sweet factory that has vintage toffee tins adorning their main meeting room, nice touch!

A playful, quirky element will make people take note, engage them and make them smile – getting your meeting off to a positive start.

Natural light

Wherever possible, choose a meeting room with external windows (the larger, the better), that let in a lot of natural light. There is nothing like good natural light levels to create a positive ambience in a room.

A light, airy room will enhance your meeting, so be sure to have suitable windows fitted in your meeting room.

Just don’t forget the free food and refreshments – that always gets things off to a good start.

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