Making the Most Of Your Square Footage In London

Making the Most Of Your Square Footage In London - By John D Wood & Co

How can you make the most of your square footage in London?

It’s no surprise that London continually tops the list for having one of the highest price tags per square footage, with the boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea set at a staggering £11,635 per square meter, money in the capital doesn’t always stretch as far as we would like.

Whilst space is at a premium in the capital, you don’t need to feel disheartened that all is lost when it comes to your new abode. With a few easy, and most importantly achievable tips and tricks, your London pad will soon feel like a palace.

Make it Multipurpose

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Make multipurpose items your new best friend to save on much needed space and increase the functionality of your new home. The same goes with rooms, if they can be used for multiple functionalities then why not combine your living space with a study area too. It’s all about looking at what you want from your home, and using home items to keep them defined.

Bench seats are a great way to squeeze a few extra bums on seats when you’re entertaining and can be easily tucked away under a table when not in use. If you want a foot rest to lay your legs on when you’re slouched in front of the TV but also want to squeeze a coffee table in too then choose a structured foot rest and top it with a decorative tray to stash cups of tea and biscuits when the time comes.

Use Optical Illusions

Create optical illusions in your home to trick the eye, and visitors, that your home is bigger than it actually is. We are all aware of the benefits a white wall has in making a room feel more spacious, but reflecting light off of mirrors can also help to double a room in size. Hanging a mirror opposite a window can maximise natural light and give the illusion that you have an extra window in the room.

A home should always flow, in particular if you have open plan spaces, or rooms which lead into one another. Continuous flooring can help to make floor space flow better and look more spacious. Avoid busy carpets, and look to wood flooring instead, you can then begin to define areas such as the living space with a rug to make it look cosier.

Savvy Storage

Making the Most Of Your Square Footage In London

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Storage doesn’t need to mean plastic boxes stacked ceiling high in the corner of the room or distracting guests from overflowing draws. Keep your storage stylish with some functional storage and more importantly easy to use, and you’ll soon have places for all of your wares.

Vacuum pack you winter wardrobe and store it in a loft space or under the bed, when spring begins to sing its arrival and your wardrobe won’t be jostling for space between winter and summer whilst you scream in frustration. Bookshelves don’t always need to house your favourite novels either, arrange them artfully to include your favourite snaps and ornaments all in one place.

Create Open Spaces

Open plan living is becoming increasingly popular, with many new build properties creating a large space home owners can cook, eat and relax in without moving too far. Take inspiration and where possible create spaces in your home that give you a larger space to work with.

Open plan living is all dependent on which walls are supporting walls, and which aren’t, so make sure you get the professionals in before you take a hammer to the walls. Always enlist the help of a trusted builder, Steve Gilbert Building Services have experience in dealing with all styles of property including listed and period buildings so you can rest assured your home is in safe hands.

Consider how you want to use the space, and your flow of movement through it. How far will you have to carry your dinner from kitchen to table? Will you hear the TV over the sound of someone cooking? A neutral colour scheme works best in an open plan space, so it’s all down to the accessories to define which area if for what.

Live With What You Need

Whilst it’s nice to have the latest home must-have at hand if it just adds clutter to your home then it isn’t worth the investment as it will only take up valuable space that could be put to use elsewhere.

If you begin with a hoarder mentality, it’ll become hard to break away from, so take the time to really think about what is and isn’t essential. Establish what you really want from your home – does it need to be family orientated? Or do you want room to entertain?

Making a house a home is one of the best parts of having your own place, and these tips can help to make your London residence feel all the more spacious.

Main Image Source – By John D Wood & Co.

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