7 Colourful Kitchen Ideas

7 Colourfull Kitchen Ideas

There are so many ways to add colour to your kitchen.

It’s often this time of year when the weather is dull and the natural light within the home is limited, that people start to crave colour in their home.

Christmas decorations help, but come January once again the house starts to look a bit dull. Plus it’s not always possible to place decorations within a kitchen.

So how can you add some year round colour to a kitchen, so that each winter it’s a pleasurable place to be in? It depends on your time and budget.

A full kitchen re fit will cost a lot more than painting the room, but in the long run a kitchen that functions well and looks good is a great investment.

Do note it’s a good idea to book trades people early if you’re looking to have your kitchen decorated or refitted before Christmas, as they book up fast.

This is due to Christmas being a popular time of year to decorate and refit areas of the home, as many people are wanting to have everything ready for when guests arrive.

Coloured Appliances

Chalet de Claude: cuisine : Country style kitchen by shep&kyles design

Image Source: Shep & Kyles Design/Homify

Large windows are a great way to get light into the room, plus the wooden beams add a warmth and depth, but the red coloured fridge is what really awakens this stylish room.

Coloured Splash Back

7 Colourfull Kitchen Ideas

Image Source

There are so many great options to choose from when it comes to splashbacks, be it tiles, glass, plastic, wallpaper, and stainless steel. They don’t take up a large area, but can have as small or as big an impact as you’d like.

The geometric shapes of the wallpaper above are a popular design, which adds colour and style to a room. It may be wise to purchase wallpaper that is easy to clean, as placing wallpaper in the kitchen especially behind the hob, can cause it to get covered in food.


Modern kitchen by SKCONCEPT Design Paris

Image Source SKConcept Design Paris/ Homify

Something as simple as paint has completely changed the look of this kitchen. The grey modern units now shine and pop against the bright pink and lime paint, where as it could have looked quite dull and cold.

They have also designed a kitchen that has access to a great deal of natural light – when it is available, and when it is not, they have carefully placed recessed lighting and pendent lights, both bringing the colours of the room alive.

There are so many great kitchen ideas within this one image. The carefully chosen lime chairs, splashback and accessories all help bring the grey kitchen unites alive.

Add A Colourful New Kitchen

Colourful kitchen : Modern kitchen by Hetreed Ross Architects

Image Source: Hetreed Ross Architects/ Homify

A great option if you’re redesigning your whole kitchen is to purchase a colourful kitchen in the first place. Look how fun and bright the kitchen is in the image above.

Purple and Orange are a brave colour choice, but it works perfectly with the more neutral stainless steel appliances and white walls.

Coloured Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Eclectic style kitchen by Сделано со вкусом на ТНТ

Image Source Сделано со вкусом на ТНТ/ Homify

If a full kitchen refit is not within your budget or you have limited time, a great way to change the style and colour of a kitchen is by replacing the kitchen cupboard doors.

You could choose all one colour for the doors or multiple colours as in the picture above. The benefit of multicoloured doors is that you can change the colours as and when you chose, and if some of the colours are duller than others, the bright colours should lift up the others.

Coloured Furniture

7 Colourfull Kitchen Ideas

Image Source

Often kitchens have room for a breakfast bar or dining table, why not add the colour into your kitchen that way.

This set of multicoloured bar stools above bring a fun pop of colour. If the stools were to be removed, I would find the room too sterile.

Coloured Accessories

7 Colourfull Kitchen Ideas

Image Source

Colour can be added anywhere within the kitchen. It can be something as small as a salt and pepper pot, or a kitchen towel, a set of saucepans, or a kettle.

The great thing is they can be items you use every day, so they have two uses .

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