9 ways to spruce up your bathroom 

9 ways to spruce up your bathroom 

Adding new life to your bathroom this spring  can benefit not just the interior design of your home.

In 2015, GoCompare surveyed their users on the topic of major home improvements.  They found bathroom renovations topped the poll:

44% of homeowners who carried out a major home improvement in the last three years fitted a new bathroom, while 39% opted for a new kitchen and a third of homeowners modernised their boiler or central heating system.

In an article for the Telegraph, Location, Location, Location presenter Phil Spencer shared a surprising tip.   You can add 2.88% to the value of the average home just by renovating the bathroom.

This doesn’t sound a lot until you put it into context. According to the UK House Price Index for 2016, the average property in the UK is worth £216,750.  2.88% of that is £6,242.40.

Renovating your bathroom is the perfect way to reclaim some of your money if you’re considering selling up in a few years time anyway.

9 ways to spruce up your bathroom 

If you’re planning to spruce up your bathroom this year but have no idea where to start, check out our guide below.

We are sharing 9 of our favourite ways to brighten up even the most boring of bathrooms (whether you’re planning to live in your house for 20 years or sell up in 2 months!)

We’ve combined a number of easy DIY changes with blow-the-budget options for you to peruse.  On to tip number one!

Fabulous faucets and trendy taps

9 ways to spruce up your bathroom - Rose gold basin faucet - By Faucet - YY - Image Via Amazon.co.uk

Image Source: Amazon.co.uk

Give your bathroom a facelift by installing new faucets and fixtures.  This is perhaps the simplest way to give the room a polished feel without having to splash too much cash.

Find trendy stainless steel and brass options online, or learn how to DIY your own.

Terrific tiles

9 ways to spruce up your bathroom 

Image Source: PinterestPinterest

Retiling your bathroom?  We dare you to look for pretty patterns, unique shapes and eye-catching colours.

Wonderful wallpaper

9 ways to spruce up your bathroom - Bathroom Wallpaper

Image Source: Pinterest/ Pinterest

Who says bathroom walls need to be plain and boring?  You’ll find thousands of bathroom-friendly, splash-proof wallpaper options online.

This budget friendly trick will breathe a new lease of life into your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Super storage

9 ways to spruce up your bathroom - Bathroom - Super Storage

Image Source: Pinterest/ Pinterest

Storage is essential to the bathroom.  Not only will it help to keep clutter out of sight, the right piece of storage can enhance your room’s aesthetic.

You’ll find options to suit any budget too:  whether you’re using bathroom-friendly paint to upcycle an old cabinet, or you’re having bespoke under-sink storage crafted from luxurious Italian marble.

Awesome accessories

9 ways to spruce up your bathroom - Awesome cooper accessories - Image From LivingHouse.co.uk

Image Source: LivingHouse.co.uk

The right set of accessories will enhance your space.  We’re huge fans of this set of contemporary accessories made from polished copper.

Remarkable radiator

9 ways to spruce up your bathroom - Designer Mirrored Radiators From DeaignerRadiatorShowroom.co.uk

Image Source: DesignerRadiatorShowroom.co.uk

Mirrored radiators feature high up on our bathroom wish list.  This ingenious invention combines two bathroom necessities into one product, which saves on cash AND time (by ensuring you’ll never have to wait for the bathroom mirror to defog again!).

Marvellous mural

9 ways to spruce up your bathroom - Bathroom Mural

Image Source: Pinterest

Add glamorous appeal to your bathroom by installing a beautiful, bold wall mural alongside your bath.  There’s an endless choice of options online, but we love this moody, dramatic piece of artwork

Beautiful bath

9 ways to spruce up your bathroom - Coloured Baths

Image Souce: Victoria Plum/Farrow & Ball

If you can afford one high-ticket item during your bathroom makeover, choose a designer bath.  A beautiful bath will serve as the focal point of your room.

Alternatively, find an affordable freestanding bath and paint it in a strong, bold shade for a pop of colour in an otherwise plain bathroom.

Stunning sink

9 ways to spruce up your bathroom - Moroccan Style Sink

Image Souce: Pinterest

The humble bathroom sink can be reimagined into something quite spectacular with just a little imagination

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