Modern Bathroom Trends For 2015

Modern Bathroom Trend for 2015 - Rak Infinity uite

Your bathroom may not be the biggest room in the house, but as one that is used on a daily basis it can make all the difference in uplifting your mood.

When styled with purpose it can become a place for ultimate relaxation and revival, and with some of this year’s biggest trends focusing on creating the bathroom as a space for mental wellbeing as well as one for daily use, it’s inspiring then to find that you can have a bathroom that caters for all of your needs.

No matter the size of the room there are elements in this inspiration guide that can help you to rejuvenate your space to be more than just a washing destination.

Metallic Fittings

Modern Bathroom Trend for 2015 - Rose Gold Bathroom Wash Basin MEM By Dornbracht

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These are no ordinary chrome fittings, as the new wave of metallic bathroom fittings have seen a warm array of rose gold and copper fittings, that add a new dimension to the overall feel of the bathroom.

Adding an element of earthy tones that can increase the colour in the room, this can be seen as a cost effective solution for a bathroom update. Rather than replacing the entire suite, the fittings can simply be renewed to give it a new lease of life.

Invest in co-ordinating accessories including mirrors, soap dishes and even long tall vases if you have the space.

Warmer metallic finishes can help to enhance any light within the room, so if you’re lacking in natural sunlight increase the amount of shiny items that will bounce the light around the room.

A Nod to Nature


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Give the feeling of a grounded environment by bringing in additions of nature.

Fake flowers and plants are bad for the Zen of any interior design, so only invest in real plants that are going to help oxygenate the room.

If you don’t feel confident in looking after exotic plants, succulents can bring in the greenery that you seek without the excessive care requirements.

The calming effect that nature can have on your mood will enhance your bath time experience into one where you can find focus after a hard day at work.

Minimal Magnitude

Modern Bathroom Trend for 2015 - Moods Kanuka Suite

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With space commonly limited in bathrooms it’s no surprise that a minimalist approach is popular trend which is continuing into this year, but rather than a clinical feel, the trend is about making space without avoiding colour.

Clean lines and simple styling paired with natural materials such as wood or stone, can help a bathroom move away from the stark feeling of the bold white bathroom suites.

To make the best of what you’ve got, invest in appropriate storage solutions that can enable you to always have a more clean and de-cluttered space.

Bring the Spa Home

Modern Bathroom Trend for 2015 - Premier Asselby Suite


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A day at the spa is something we would all like to re-create at home, and this is a strong trend that is making bathroom design one that caters for well-being rather than purpose.

Carefully balancing a clean simple décor with additions of nature and warmth like these suites from Bella Bathrooms is the perfect combination for a space built for total relaxation.

Take inspiration from some of the most well-known spas in the world, and see how you can adapt their themes to suit your own home.

Working on neutral colour palettes such as bamboo and putty greys, whilst adding warmth with natural accessories such as bamboo or wood.

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