The Main Benefits of Shower Tower Installation

The Main Benefits of Shower Tower Installation - Genie Shower Tower - From

The shower tower has grown in popularity to become one of the most prominent bathroom accessories available anywhere, and one which will add a true sense of luxury to your space.

Considering their sleek, versatile design, shower towers are an ideal solution for bathrooms of any size, helping to maximise space and bring added functionality to the area, as well as attractive aesthetics in a range of different designs.

This article will explore the main benefits that a shower tower installation can bring to your home.

Shower Tower Features and Advantages

The Main Benefits of Shower Tower Installation - Black Thermostic Shower Tower Lifestyle - From

Inclusive of a combination of essential features, shower towers are a perfect money-saving means to transforming your shower enclosure without compromising on style, quality or practicality.

Modern shower towers remove the need for separate shower heads, valves and other accessories, and offer a range of different effects, water outputs and other features all in one component.

As their moniker would suggest, shower towers feature a long, thin, space-saving design which makes them well suited to any bathroom.

Furthermore, the vast majority of shower towers are wall mountable, making them compatible with enclosures of any shape or size. The facility to wall mount a shower tower also greatly simplifies the installation process.

Of course, different styles of shower heads have different properties, as is reflected by the wide spectrum of market prices. Obviously, shower towers with excessive features, digital displays, larger designs and the most stylish finishes will cost more than their more basic counterparts, but even top-of-the-range shower columns will still prove less expensive than the likes of bathtubs and shower enclosures etc.

That said, there is a huge choice of different shower towers to choose from even without stretching your budget – shape, style, colour and material are just some of the nuances to consider before you commit to buy.

With the likes of rubbed bronze, stainless steel, brass and chrome finishes all popular, you’re sure to find a shower tower that complements and even enhances your current bathroom design.

Shower Towers: A Practical Bathroom Choice

The Main Benefits of Shower Tower Installation - From

As well as being a luxurious addition, shower towers are also undoubtedly a practical bathroom choice. The installation of shower towers is a particularly simple process, especially compared with other bathroom accessories; they can be easily fitted into your existing plumbing system, so you won’t encounter any issues with building a new water supply system.

Also, following the initial installation of your shower tower, you’ll find it easy to maintain and keep clean – just a weekly water wash and wipe down with a soft cloth will help to prevent any sort of build-up of limescale, filth or mould.

By sticking to this sort of schedule, you can keep your shower tower shiny and clean for plenty of years to come, and factoring in the water-saving capabilities of shower towers, they also have the potential to help you save money on your energy bills over a long period of time as well.

Ultimately, shower towers are an ideal choice to replace existing shower fixtures, or as a standout addition for bathrooms of any style or size.

The many benefits outlined in this article should leave you in no doubt as to whether or not an investment in a shower tower is a smart one.

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