Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bathtub: 5 Things To Consider

White freestanding bath with black freestanding taps

The bathtub is the standout piece in your bathroom. It is very likely the first thing anyone sees when walking in.

For this reason, your choice of a bathtub can either make or break the progress of your bathroom remodel or redesign. I have combed the internet for easy to follow tips to get the most out of your bathroom redesign, and they are as follows: 

Here Are 5 Essential Tips To Consider When Choosing a Bathtub

  1. Size
  2. Work with a blueprint
  3. Type
  4. Features 
  5. Cost

Continue reading to learn how to incorporate the above-listed ideas to choose the best bathtub for your perfect bathroom. 

Modern bathroom with standing bath and taps

5 Need To Know Tips To Choose the Perfect Bathtub

1. Size

If the dimensions in your bathroom allow, you can go all-out luxury and pick a two-person bathtub for your home. It does not matter if you will only use the bathtub alone. All that extra space ensures you get the most out of bathtime and enjoy optimal relaxation, reminiscent of a spa experience. 

It is crucial that you only opt for a sizable bathtub if there is enough floor space around the tub. There are many sizes and shapes of tubs to suit all bathrooms, so even in the smallest of spaces, you can relax and bathe away the stresses of the day.

2. Work With a Blueprint

We have selected some for you if you need to check out more tips online to help you plan. They all have this one point in common. You should never get to work on your bathroom without a laid down blueprint. It does not have to be too fancy, it can be a rough sketch, or you can use computer programs like CAD. Doing this allows you to work with more than a mental picture; you can see the entire plan for your bathroom at every glance. 

The presence of a bathroom blueprint allows you to avoid costly mistakes and to quickly make adjustments to the design and placement of your bathroom fixtures without knocking down any walls or removing any fixtures. 

Claw foot bath

3. Type

You could almost argue that this is the most important criteria when choosing a bathtub. The following are bathtub options and where best you can use them. 

  • Drop-in tubs: These tubs sport only the tub shell, and the enclosure is designed to match the bathroom aesthetics like the vanities or the cabinets. They are stylish and a great way to conserve space. 
  • 3 wall alcove tubs: These tubs have walls on three of their sides. They are the go-to option if you are trying to maximise space in your bathroom while retaining a stylish outlook. In addition, it very commonly features a wall-mounted shower. 
  • Corner tubs: This bathtub is a hybrid of both the alcove and drop-in tubs. The significant difference is that they are built into the corners. You can bring the bland looking corner in your bathroom to life with one of these.
  • Freestanding tubs: This tub design allows you to see all four sides of the tub. It is not fixed to a wall or corner, just stands alone, adding class to your bathroom outlook. If you have more than enough space at your disposal, then a freestanding tub is a no brainer. 
  • Clawfoot tubs: Simply put, clawfoot bathtubs are freestanding tubs resting on four feet. This type of tub is the perfect addition to your bathroom if you are trying to add a touch of vintage to your bathroom design. 

4. Features

Who says your bathtub should do just the obvious. You can opt for models that offer you a range of exciting functionality. These features include but are not limited to the following:

  • Digital controls: You can take the use of your tubs to another level with touchpad control to change settings like music, colour, temperature and jet direction. 
  • Chromatherapy: Some tubs feature underwater lights that you can switch between to set your mood and help you relax. 
  • Music: Your late-night dip is incomplete without some music in the background, and some tubs have this feature fitted, so you do not need to buy portable players. 

5. Cost

How much you spend on your tub depends on the size, the type, the extra features and any more ideas you want to incorporate. Bathtubs range from a moderate £520 while the higher ends can be as much as £18 600. 

Be Comfortable

Regardless of how big a bathroom you have, there is a bathtub for everyone. You can either go all out or be more conservative with your choice, but the above tips will help you make the best choice for your budget and room. Happy bathtub buying!

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