How To Create The Ultimate Hotel Experience At Home

Home Spa. Women laying in bath surrounded by candles

With the current climate, hotels and holiday destinations are closed, with many people not able to travel for the foreseeable future.

With the UK in lockdown, why not recreate a luxury hotel experience at home? By upgrading certain elements of each room in the home, a hotel room-spa feel can be easily replicated to make you feel relaxed and pampered in the comfort of your own home. 

Create a lavish suite in the bedroom

A luxury hotel room is the highlight for many holiday-goers, as accommodation is a huge part of the holiday experience. The bed is the centre piece of the bedroom that is noticed straight away. To create a luxury feel, invest in high-end bedding, preferably Egyptian cotton with a 300-400 thread count, along with comfy, feather-down pillows and a good quality duvet. Stick with neutral colours or crisp whites to keep a classic and simple look that’s often seen in top-end hotel resorts.

Hotel style bedroom

For finishing touches, treat yourself to fresh flowers and a well decorated side table, complete with your favourite drink, a scented candle, and a new book or magazine to enjoy before bed. Dimmed lights, fresh sheets and the scent of candles will create the perfect welcoming setup will be sure to release instant calm.

Make your living/dining area into an upmarket bar

The living area is a great place for socialising, much like a bar or restaurant in a hotel on holiday. Decide the style you would like to go with – simple and chic, old-fashioned, or modern and monochrome.


After choosing your look, get rid of clutter so you can relax and create a welcoming selection of bar-style nibbles and a cocktail to enjoy after your dinner. Accessories such as freshly plumped ivory cushions and a fresh bowl of fruit accompanied with quiet music to set the mood will also bring some much-needed colour to the room.

Turn your outdoor space into a luxury sun trap

This summer, warmer days and lighter evenings are great for making the most of with an outdoor relaxation space with some social seating, such as an outdoor sofa or a swinging egg chair with a fire pit for added atmosphere. Bask in the sun with a sun lounger and an icy drink, along with a barbeque for the whole family to enjoy for a social and lively afternoon. A few large plants and colourful flower beds located around the seating area will replicate the botanical style of many hotels.

Wood and glass slidding doors. Stone patio.

To make the transition from your outdoor space to the indoor bar seamless, sliding patio doors from Quickslide will allow the warmth to flow throughout your home, much like that feeling of a bright and airy hotel lobby. The green home grant scheme that is to be shortly introduced by the government will allow vouchers for homeowners to upgrade their home to make them more energy efficient. Gather inspiration for what you could invest in, such as sliding patio doors or bi-folding doors, to improve the overall efficiency and luxury feel to your home with double glazing.

Bring the spa to you

One of the best features of a luxury hotel is the spa facilities, which can be easily replicated at home with a couple of additional items. The bathroom is a great place to relax and soak your worries away, beginning with lavender essential oils in an oil burner or scented candles with similar scents reminiscent of a beach, such as fresh linen or ocean breeze. Allow yourself to be free of clutter and ensure the bathroom is freshly cleaned for the ultimate spa hour. 

Home Spa. Women laying in bath surrounded by candles

Grab a freshly washed fluffy towel and a bath bomb, bath salts or bubbles to add into a hot bath in the candlelight to regulate body temperate, rid the body of impurities and decrease muscle tension. Have a warm dressing gown and slippers on hand to slip into, followed by a full body moisturise. For total peace and quiet, leave your phone in another room or turn on airplane mode and listen to your favourite chill out playlist.

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