Reasons To Move To Oshawa, Canada

Aerial view of the Oshawa area cityscape

Emigrating can be exciting, but also a stressful experience, as you will be wanting to find the perfect destination to relocate to with your family.

It could be because of a new job, wanting more space or looking for an adventure. Luckily, if you’re looking to move to Canada, there are many places to choose from.

Oshawa Ontario is one such destination to consider, as Moving in Oshawa ON has several advantages. This particular city, for instance, has a lot more to offer than other Ontario neighborhoods, suburbs, and cities.

Moving to a new country is a big undertaking, therefore considering all the benefits of an area before you move there is going to be very beneficial.

What makes Oshawa a unique city to live in?

The clean air, comfortable living standards, and high levels of safety are three of the top reasons a lot of homeowners consider moving to Oshawa Ontario. Luckily, Ontario offers all these plus more.

So, what are the other reasons for choosing Oshawaas as your ideal destination for your family?

Here are 7 reasons to move to Oshawa:

1. Oshawa is an absolutely stunning destination

If you are considering moving to Oshawa ON, then it’s handy to know of the exciting things you can do with your family.

Historic Parkwood Estate building in Oshawa
Historic Parkwood Estate building in Oshawa

If you love getting to know the history of an area – Canada has a rich and interesting history, then you have the best selection of museums and historic sites in Oshawa. You can either visit the Parkwood National Historic Site, Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum, or the Memorial Park in Downtown Oshawa.

It is also worth moving to Oshawa ON because of the family-friendly activities in the city including Linton’s farmers market and the Lakeview Park which can be enjoyed with your family over the weekend.

2. Oshawa has mild climate

This city experiences a comfortable cool and warm climate. The summer is also very comfortable without the excess highs in temperatures, unlike many other regions in Canada.

American white pelican along the shore of Lake Ontario in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
American white pelican along the shore of Lake Ontario in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. 

Warm weather begins in June and ends in late September. During these months, you can enjoy several family outings across the city. The cold season, on the other hand, lasts 3-4 months. That is between December and March, enabling you to take your family to outdoors activities such as skiing.

3. Oshawa has the best Canadian culture

Most Ontario residents are welcoming, at Halloween and Thanksgiving Oshawa residents get together and celebrate with their neighbours. Once you have settled in Oshawa, you might find you want to move to a different area.

Research the best neighborhoods and suburbs before you start considering moving in Oshawa ON again, as you don’t want to keep uprooting your family, if you haven’t made the right choice. A few of the best neighborhoods in Oshawa include Lakeview, Vanier, Donevan, and Kedron.

4. Oshawa has diverse culinary culture

When thinking where you are going to be moving in Oshawa ON, you’ll want to consider the local culinary culture. Even being vegetarian or vegan you will find the city caters for you, serving everything from Indian, western, and African foods.

5. Affordable living standards

The cost of living in Oshawa is pretty fair compared to other cities. Nonetheless, it’s best to do plenty of research to find the best locations before moving in Oshawa ON. You can find beautiful condos and rental homes close to the city center for your entire family. But note that condos are ideal for small families while stand-alone homes are perfect for large families.

6. Adequate security

Most neighborhoods in Oshawa are safe, with a lower crime rate compared to other Ontario cities. Whether visiting or living here you will find your family feels safer, enjoying parks and walks with a level of safety where parents don’t feel they have to have their children by their side 24/7, this includes walking to school, which many children happily do without their parents present.

7. Commutability

Thanks to the interstate highways and roads interconnecting the city, commuting in the Greater Toronto Area is really efficient. Nowadays, you do not have to worry about tail backs on the way to work, whether you live in the suburbs or the city center.


If you are considering immigrating to Ontario, then Oshawa should be among your top choices. In fact, it should be at the top of your list. This beautiful city offers more than convenience, safety, and affordable living standards.

Being the 15th smartest city in Canada, Oshawa has more to offer than you would expect for its small size.

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