John Lewis unveil “Smart Home” experience in London store

If you set foot onto the 5th floor of the John Lewis Oxford Street store, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you have just stepped out of a time machine and not an elevator.

Quite frankly, it looks like the future. The company have transformed 1,000 square foot of their flagship store into the UK’s largest ‘Smart Home’ technology experience.  The cutting edge space is full of innovative gadgets for use around the home.

What is Smart Home technology?

Smart HomeSmart Home systems make life simpler and more efficient through automation thanks to remote access through smartphones, tablets and computers.

You can connect and control everything from lighting to household appliances. You can monitor your home’s security by installing a camera and window sensors that are connected to your mobile phone.

You can have your lights switch off automatically when you leave the property.  You can tell the oven to switch on and start cooking before you leave the office, or change the temperature from the comfort of the sofa – and much more!

Smart Home technology has surged in popularity recently. John Lewis reports that sales increased by a whopping 81% in the past year.

What will you find in the Oxford Street store?

John Lewis knows that “seeing is believing”. So, in the Smart Home experience, you’ll be able to touch and demo the technology before buying. The space is set up like a real flat with four interactive zones to explore:

  • Smart Home Living Room TechnologyKitchen – Make life easier with smart fridges, coffee machines, washing machines and other appliances.
  • Entertainment – Smart TVs and speakers that allow music streaming wherever you are in the house.
  • Sleep – Innovative tracking systems that guarantee a better night’s sleep.
  • Home Monitoring – Security devices that allow you to monitor remotely for peace of mind.

Plus, learn how to save time and effort by controlling other elements (like heating and lighting) from your smartphone too.

Never forget the milk again!

Our favourite piece of smart tech is probably Samsung’s Family Hub Smart Fridge. It features a built-in touch screen that lets you use nearly any Android app. You can create memos, mirror TVs connected to your home network, listen to the radio, check the weather and read the news headlines – all from your fridge!

Smart Home Technology - FridgeYou can also use the touch screen to order your shopping online, which is pretty useful. But our favourite feature is the set of cameras INSIDE the door that you can access via your smartphone. This means you can check the contents of your fridge while out and about. Genius.

You can even use the app to “tag” perishable items with use by dates, which will provide a handy countdown telling you how urgently the produce needs eating! It will also suggest recipes too.

Will John Lewis expand their Smart Home experience to other stores?

Yes, the Smart Home experience will roll out to other stores soon. The next store will open in Leeds in Autumn 2016.

The Smart Home experience at John Lewis Oxford Street is open now. It’s on the 5th floor.

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