3 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Feel Brand New

Stylish kitchen with moroccan tiles, central kitchen island and hanging plants

What does your kitchen look like right now? 

Is it brimming with fragrant aromas, mouth-watering meals and lively chatter? Or is it a haven of clutter with over-flowing bins, filthy floors and piled-up dishes?

No judgement – lockdown has us all living in chaos. But whether you’re looking to bring a post-pandemic renovation to your home, or just a project to keep you entertained and spruce up the house in the meantime, these three tips will have your kitchen feeling good as new in no time at all. 

1. Make the most of it!

This suggestion may seem counter intuitive – surely the more you use a room, the less new it feels, right? But in fact, finding new ways to use your kitchen can fill it with a much-needed new lease of life, and transform it into a haven of happy memories. 

Man making smoothie with fruit and orange juice

If home is where the heart is, the kitchen is a beacon of comfort where meals are prepared, snacks are furtively consumed, and drinks flow freely. Make use of the space by trying out new recipes and rediscovering your love of the culinary arts. 

And remember that a short, simple cleaning routine – even half an hour once a week – can also make a major difference to how your kitchen looks and feels. 

2. Due an update?  

You might think to replace the cupboards or countertops, along with appliances like your fridge, oven and dishwasher. But as is always the case in home renovation, there are household staples that often get left behind or forgotten in domestic makeovers. 

White kitchen with brown kitchen door.

Amongst these are our kitchen doors – although it could be said that we barely notice them in our day-to-day lives, they are deeply necessary. They hold in warmth, protect our privacy and complete a space – without them, we feel lost indeed!  

Whatever ambience you’re aiming for in your kitchen, Oakwood Doors have a unique range to match any aesthetic and last for the long haul.

Lighting can have a similarly unexpected effect on your kitchen – not to mention useful. Not only can fresh lighting such as a set of spotlight add a dash of much-needed modernity, you’ll be surprised at the difference a little extra brightness can make to your day-to-day operations! 

3. It’s the small things 

Cohesion is the secret to a calming environment, so make sure everything is matching! Switching out hardware like knobs and handles on drawers and cupboard is a low-maintenance, low-effort and usually low-cost task that can add a splash of colour and liveliness to your kitchen. 

Slow cooker in bright clean kitchen

A minimalist atmosphere promotes tranquillity in the kitchen – a room where it is often the most needed! – and while it’s important to keep your clutter under control, don’t be afraid to show off either.

Kitchen gadgets are a simple and homely addition to any shelf space, and a slow cooker on the counter is an easy way to keep pleasant smells roaming through the house (and prep nice simple meals), whilst your snazzy cocktail-making kit shows guests you have style! 

Follow these tips to be the host with the most in your culinary haven. 

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