London Design Trends 2016

London Design Trends 2016 - Abbe Fenimore Colour - Image By Heather Hawkins

With a reputation as one of the hippest cities in the world, London is leading the way with interior design.

Homeowners in the capital tend to be affluent, so many trends reflect this. However, many are easy to recreate on a budget, or with the help of professionals.

Here are our top tips on what’s trendy this year.

Floral fabrics

Gaudy florals are a design staple of 2016, becoming popular with many design houses and appearing at showcases.

Their appeal is a mixture of statement piece and chintzy nostalgia: there’s something grandma-esque about floral armchairs and sofas, which make them cosy while still being super on-trend.

Try one contrasting floral armchair with a neutral sofa set for some living room flair, but make sure not to go overboard with too many mismatched patterns in the same room.

Black stainless steel

Forget chrome – kitchen appliances are all about black stainless steel this year. The sleek, hi-tech look works for everything from fridges to kettles, though too much may become overpowering.

The dark finish works great with light cabinets as it creates a modern and fresh vibe, but they could provide a statement contrast if put into a more rustic kitchen. For a budget version, try just replacing your small appliances with trendy, matching new models.

Formal dining rooms

London Design Trends 2016 - Dining Room

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Family meals are back on the table. Taking inspiration from Victorian country houses, many designers are now focusing on the dining room as a focal point for socialising and connecting.

Oversized tables and matching chairs offer a host of different style opportunities – just make sure not to turn your dining space into another office.

Let the table take pride of place, and banish clutter to cupboards or other elegant storage solutions.

Imitation décor

Wooden beams, marble counter tops and grey hardwood floors. All of these are hard to pull off at home, as they may be too impractical or costly.

However, imitation interior décor is seeing a resurgence this year as opulent design trends get tasteful facsimiles. Now is the perfect time to create a fake barn kitchen, or redo your floors, and most houseguests won’t be able to tell the difference.

Bold colours

London Design Trends 2016 - Jacobs-Master Bedroom Remodel - hgtvcom

Image Source – Jacobs-Master Bedroom Remodel –

Colour is having a resurgence in London, as more homeowners are becoming dissatisfied with beige and magnolia. Currently, trends point to painting walls in harmonious pastel colours like pale pink or baby blue, or going darker with shades of russet and copper.

These colours are bright while still being fairly neutral. Alternatively, try adding technicolour furniture into rooms to inject a splash of colour: repaint old bookcases, DIY a new rainbow shelving unit, or even just paint the skirting boards something other than standard issue white.

Marble accents

Your wallet can relax: marble is popular in small amounts, as a tasteful accent to whatever is in the room already. Think clocks, vases, or table ornaments: discrete pieces that just hint at wealth and sophistication.

Marble works well in any room, as its natural white and grey tones compliment everything in your house.

Main Image Source – Abbe Fenimore Colour – Image By Heather Hawkins

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