Adding a little cheer to your home with patterns & prints

Decorating a small room with prints and patterns

Trying to inject life into a dull and dreary space?  Sometimes a fun pattern offers the perfect finishing touch.

You may wish to inject a little personality into your room by choosing items adorned with pretty polka dots, super stripes or gorgeous geometrics.

However, decorating with prints and patterns can be daunting (especially for first timers) but do not fear!  We have some top tips for you to try:

patterned wallpaper

Keeping it simple:

Is this your first room makeover?  Or, do you feel a little bashful when it comes to pairing patterns and prints?  If so, play it safe by sticking to one or two basic colours and simply mixing and matching motifs. 

Here’s a great example:

patterns and prints

The simple monochrome colour scheme is very easy to work with.  The bold printed motifs (repeating designs) on the cushion and throw are simple, so they compliment one other nicely.

The ampersand cushion is plain, but features both key colours, so it ties everything together.  The sofa does not feel too busy or overwhelmed with the various patterns.

If bold, monochrome prints aren’t quite your cup of tea, opt for subtle patterns on furnishings instead.  Choose a tonal colour scheme (see below) or, use shades of the same hue to create an ombre effect.

Pattern and print

Use blocks of solid colour:

Planning to use large, heavy patterns in the room?  Pair with blocks of solid colour in coordinating shades.  We love the dark blue wooden panel area in the photo below – sophie bed
Photo via

Planning to use two different patterns in the room (e.g. on the walls and carpet)?  This is achievable.  Simply intersperse large blocks of solid colour between the patterned areas (e.g. a solid coloured sofa or dining table).  This will restore visual balance to the space.

Fabulous florals are on-trend:

There are a few different ways to add floral prints into your home without making your home look like it was decorated in a bygone era.  Here’s how:

  • Botanical-Flower-Passion-flower-Passiflora-species-219x300Digitally printed:  Opt for graphic prints that feature photos of bold and beautiful blooms in vibrant, bold and sumptuous colours.  They’re fresh and modern, very on-trend.
  • Shabby chic:  If you’d like to achieve this popular look in your home, simply mix and match furnishings that feature small, ditsy florals in an array of pastel shades.
  • Totally tropical:  A big trend for 2016.  Simply choose exotic florals in bright and punchy prints.  Mix, match and clash until your heart is content (if you’re brave enough!)
  • Botanical illustrations:  (See above, right)  In the 18th century, there was a surge of interest in botany and gardening, providing a market for publications about plants.  Scientists, amateur botanists, gardening enthusiasts and the general reader appreciated the stunning watercolour illustrations. Over the years, photographs replaced drawings in printed materials.  However, recently, a number of organisations across the world have tried to revive botanical artwork for scientific illustration.  Its popularity is on the rise once again.  Today, reproductions of beautiful illustrations can be found in many homes.  Illustrations are easy to source online, and many high street shops now stock prints too, thanks to the resurgence in popularity.  Simply display botanical prints in very minimal glass frames on mantelpieces or windowsills.  You can also mix and match your prints with other scientific drawings of insects and birds.  In addition, you can showcase a range of pressed flowers and leaves in glass frames to accentuate the theme.

Watch out for wallpaper:

Decorating a room with limited space?  You’ll probably want to avoid wallpaper with bright colours and large motifs.  This type of wallpaper will overwhelm a small room.

It can be tempting to exercise our decorating desires in infant’s bedrooms.  However, anything too big and bold will look out of place in a small bedroom.  Instead, try limiting large patterns to the headboard!  See below:

Decorating a small room with prints and patterns

If you have enjoyed venturing into the world of patterns and have had success or near misses, we would love to hear about them below in our comments box.

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