7 Luxury Pools & How To Get More Luxury For Your Money

Luxury pool

At London Design Collective we love a little dose of luxury, so let’s start the weekend off in style with a dose of 7 luxury pools you could travel to around the world, and an infographic on how to achieve more luxuries in your life.

It’s not quite summer yet, but you might still want to take a dip through the following 7 photos of luxury swimming pools.

Photo by Matthew S Vaughn

1 – Photo by Matthew S Vaughn.

Photo by Martijn Meijerink

2 – Photo by Martijn Meijerink.

Photo by Christian Paul Del Rosario

3 – Photo by Christian Paul Del Rosario.

Photo by Chenjie Victoria

4 – Photo by Chenjie Victoria.

Photo by Martin Eklund

5 – Photo by Martin Eklund.

Rooftop pool - Photo by Falkenpost

6 – Photo by Falkenpost.

Infinity pool - Photo by Azri Suratmin

7 – Photo by Azri Suratmin.

When we came across this infographic from Oliver’s Travels we just knew we had to share it.

The infographic compares some of the luxury experiences you can get if you make the appropriate savings illustrated.

For example if you avoid the cost of four average nights on the town you could fly to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

Whilst we’re on the subject of swimming pools, why don’t you also save up to swim in the Blue Lagoon an outdoors geothermal spa in Reykjanes!

View the infographic in full below, and leave a comment under the infographic if you have any thoughts regarding what luxury you would save for.

Source: OliversTravels.com

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