Bringing A Minimalistic Design Into Your Home

Rustic minimalist bedroom, bare walls and large glass windows

The idea of turning your home design from how it currently looks to a minimalistic design might seem almost impossible, especially if you have a lot of furniture and belongings. But it can be done. It is also very simple to do and a lot of fun.

The minimalistic design is becoming more and more popular, not just because of the stunning aesthetics it brings to the home, but also because of the positive impact it has on well-being and how much easier it is to maintain. To help you to create this design for yourself, here is a step-by-step guide with some tips on how to bring a minimalistic theme into your home.

You need to de-clutter

The first rule of the minimalistic look is that less is more. If you are the kind of person that holds onto stuff for sentimental value, this is where you are likely to struggle most.

Minimalist livingroom with black and white sofa and black units against a wooden panel wall

To achieve this look, you need to de-clutter your home and keep only the items you need and/or can be stored away. Some good de-cluttering tips include:

  • Throw some things away. You aren’t going to be able to keep everything (if you have a lot of stuff) and still achieve a minimalistic look. So, now is the time to be more ruthless and start throwing things away.
  • If you aren’t sure whether to throw something away or keep it, you could consider storage. Alternatively, you could try the three-pile strategy. Using this method everything you own goes into one of three piles. Pile one is the stuff you’re going to keep. Pile two is the pile you’re going to get rid of, either by recycling it, donating it, or throwing it away. Pile three is the stuff you aren’t sure whether to keep or throw. Put this pile into a box and store it away, if (in a few weeks) you haven’t used or needed it, then it can go into the pile of things you are going to dispose of. But if you do use it, you can keep it.
  • De-clutter one room at a time, to keep the mess to a minimum and so it isn’t as overwhelming for you.

Know the rules of the minimalist design

Like with every interior design, there are rules you can follow to create the look you want. To inject a minimalistic design into your home you need to know the following rules:

Minimalist white living room. White flooring, white table and white sofa
  • Less is more, spaces should be simple, lines should be clean, walls should have minimal artwork and surfaces should be clutter-free.
  • Maximise storage so you have as little on display as possible.
  • Create a neural base, use soft and warm tones and textures to create a natural look that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

There are lots of other rules, but these are the main ones you need to know to create this design.

Tips for creating a minimal design

Creating this design is easy, it is more about changing your mindset and allowing that to flow into your home.

Minimalist bedroom with metal four poster bed.
  • Address one room at a time, just like with de-cluttering, to make it easier to manage and less overwhelming.
  • Be inspired by other images of minimalistic homes that you like, use their ideas and see if you can implement them into your home.
  • Find a place for everything, so that everything can be stored away and nothing is left in sight.
  • You should make sure walls, surfaces, floors and windows are all clear.
  • Simplify the furniture. Try to have as few pieces of furniture as possible, it’s often better to have one large storage feature than six smaller pieces of furniture. If you do need to buy new furniture, try to choose something simple, to work with the minimalistic design.

Changing your home to a minimalistic design doesn’t have to cost you anything, it just means changing your existing home to work with the design concept.

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