Renting a Storage Unit and Other Storage Tips For Your House in West London

The borough of Richmond Upon Thames

Living in London is the dream. It opens up so many golden opportunities that would bring your career to the next.

London also offers an exciting and elevated lifestyle that many can only dream of. There is no denying that being a resident in London has a lot of perks. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of cons.

Lack of space. This is one of the biggest problems that a resident in West London experiences. Studies have found that the average lounge in newly constructed homes is now 32% smaller than homes built in the 1970s. 

West London is known as for its affluent neighbourhood. It is where the “capital’s richest” lives. As such, prices have skyrocketed. A recent survey found that some Londoners spend up to 61% of their salaries just on rent alone. 

With increased property prices, many choose to live in smaller houses. Instead of a 2-bedroom house, they make do with a 1-bedroom. The idea is that at least it is in West London. This decision by many has led to the rise of storage units and downsizing.

Renting a Storage Unit in West London

With limited space to work with, the only solution is to find more space. Unfortunately, renting a bigger apartment just isn’t an option for the majority of residents. Apartments and flats go for thousands of pounds. 

Residents have to look at another alternative: Storage units. A 30 sq ft flat is not enough for a couple. A 30 sq ft flat and a 15 sq ft storage unit is. It’s all about prioritising which items are put in which space.

Small tinny modern apartment. Studio flat

Renting a storage unit allows homeowners in London to live in a spacious home. Even if they’re living in a micro-flat, they can still enjoy the full functions of a house, i.e. living room, kitchen, bedroom, and even an office area.

All items that you need but not in your daily life can be sent to storage for safekeeping. The list includes old books, used clothes, excess furniture (because some flats come fully furnished) and even the appliances that you barely use.

When choosing a storage unit in West London, make sure that it’s close to your house. This is more for your convenience. If you rent a storage space that’s miles away from your house, chances are you’d rather buy new stuff than make the trip to the storage facility. This could lead to you having more clutter than usual.

Invest in Space-Saving Furniture

If you’re on the market for new furniture, be practical and choose space-saving furniture instead. There’s something modern about furniture with more than one function. For instance, an ottoman acts as a chair and a storage bin.

A murphy bed can be customised so it turns into a table when it’s brought up. If you’re not in the mood for a bed that you store in a wall during the day, you can also opt for drawer beds. Drawer beds act as your closet as well. In London, closet space is very limited. If you have a lot of clothes but not enough closet, then drawer beds are the best way to go. 

Read how you can create a luxurious design from a small space here.

Use Height

You can only do so much with your floor space. So why not utilise your wall space instead? There are three common ways on how you can use your apartment’s height to your advantage:

Overhead Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the parts of the house that’s always filled with clutter. From pots and pans to racks of spices, it can easily get messy. Investing in overhead cabinets will help you organise your kitchen. You can choose to put your pots and pans on top so that your space underneath can be used for spices, condiments, knives, etc. 

The great thing about overhead cabinets is that you can place them near your range. Cooking will definitely be easier with this in mind.

Loft Beds

Loft beds are great for when you have a lot of overhead space. For studio apartments, this gives them the chance to have a living room underneath their bedroom.

Loft bedroom in small flat

Often times, studio apartments only have a bedroom and no actual space for other activities. This is why loft beds are great for residents living in micro-flats in London.

Stuck on what you want to do to your “bedroom”? Check out our article on Great Bedroom Ideas to Bring Your Room to Life.

Wall Racks

If you have a bike, a guitar, or any other bulky item, you can store it on your wall instead of taking up your floor space. This is great as you get to clear your floor from any type of clutter. The best thing about this that you can now buy the power tools that you wanted like a power drill, power saw, etc and not worry about where you’ll put it.

Moreover, wall racks give your house a little bit of flair and personality. You get to hang some of the stuff that you like such as movie posters, your sword collection, or even your favourite books! Whatever you like can go on the wall.

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