5 Creative Ways To Use A Ladder

5 Creative Ways To Use A Ladder

We probably shouldn’t need to tell you that upcycling, recycling, and finding unusual uses for furniture and household objects is all the rage at the moment.

It is genuinely surprising to see all the creative ways to use things that people come up with – so we thought we would pick an everyday object, and give you a little sample of some of our favourite ideas in a series of posts on upcycling!

This week: the humble ladder!

Ladder bookshelf

This ladder bookshelf instantly turns a spare wall or corner into a usable area to share your book collection. In this picture the designer has used a battered and used looking wooden ladder, which we think really adds to the effect. However you could use a metal ladder if you wanted something more modern looking.

Grooming ladder

A design aspect that would appeal to many men in 2015 is the ‘Gentleman’s Grooming Area’. The step ladder adds an extra touch of rustic style to a corner in the house that is all his.

Shower towel rack

A wooden ladder adds a touch of warmth up against the concret shower room, as well as being the perfect place to hang towels. You don’t have to go and buy a specialy designed towel rack. Visit the second hand markets and antique shops in London, as you are bound to find something with much more character.

alu fix loft ladder

Need a functional yet attractive loft ladder? This modern looking aluminium ladder from Globe Ladders ticks both boxes – it is not your typical pull down ladder.

Library ladder In Designer Kitchen

This has been designed very stylishly, and is a brilliant idea for any room, as it means that you will always be able to reach high cupboards or shelving, allowing you to use more of the space within your home. Especially as space is a premium in London and many of the older properties have high ceiling, it helps you use the space wisely.

For an inventive and stylish alternative you could use a second hand long wooden or metal ladder, place it up against the wall in the kitchen and decorated it with tea-towels. It will then fit in to the kitchen, but will also be there should you need it as a ladder.

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