Celebrating The Season – Orange Flower Bulbs

Orange Tulips

Orange flower bulbs will turn your garden into one big celebration. In this blog we’ll present a collection of the best orange-coloured flower bulbs, for a whole season of brightness, optimism and enthusiasm.

Orange is the colour of celebration, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the Netherlands. If you’ve ever seen the Dutch celebrating King’s Day or supporting their national teams in any kind of sport, you know that where the US goes for red, white and blue, Dutch fans will turn up in head-to-toe orange, the more outlandish the better.

But why do the Dutch choose this colour to represent themselves, and not the blue of the sea and sky or the green of the meadows? The reason behind their love of orange is a royal one, harking back to William of Orange, the ancestor of the current King Willem-Alexander.

Orange flower bulbs for strength and success

But Orange isn’t just a sign of Dutch celebration. This enthusiastic colour is also a symbol of creativity, success and encouragement. On family crests, coats of arms and flags, orange is symbolic of strength and endurance. It is also the colour of the month of August, a birthstone for the month of September with orange gemstones Carnelian and Jasper, and the colour of the Leo zodiac sign.

Tulip Ballerina

Image: Tulip Ballerina

All in all more than enough reasons to try your hand at planting an orange garden. Below we present a selection of DutchGrown’s orange flower bulbs, carefully chosen to guarantee a whole season of joy.

Orange flower bulbs – the early bloomers

The first orange flower of the season is the aptly named Crocus Orange Monarch, with a deep orange colour that brings to mind tropical cocktails.

Crocus Orange Monarch

Image: Crocus Orange Monarch

Next up it’s time for daffodils. Even though there are no pure orange daffodils, the bright orange or deep orange hearts and trumpets of Daffodil Kedron, Daffodil Virginia Sunrise and Daffodil Barret Browning will lend your garden plenty of orange energy.

Tulip Daydream

Image: Tulip Daydream

This is also the time for the first orange tulips to start coming up: pointy-petaled Tulip Orange Emperor and Darwin Hybrid Tulip Daydream.

Orange flower bulbs – mid-season splendor

Once mid-season comes along, we’re spoilt for choice. The sunset colours of Tulip Orange Princess, the regal air of Tulip King’s Orange, the graceful presence of Tulip Ballerina, and the pom-pom like opulence of Tulip Olivia and Tulip Sunlover are all ideal for inclusion in your orange garden.

Tulip Orange Princess

Image: Tulip Orange Princess

But it’s not just tulips that know how to get their orange on: Crown Imperial Fritillaria Rubra Maxima’s tallness and drama will be the (literal) height of the season.

Orange flower bulbs  – a final celebration

The season might be winding down, but there’s still plenty of orange to choose from. What about the bronze colour of  Dutch Iris Autumn Princess? Tulips want to give one last shout as well, with burgundy and orange Tulip Princess Irene and peony-like Double Fringed Tulip Sensual Touch giving a fitting finale to the season.

Image: Jumbo Amaryllis Orange Desire

Image: Jumbo Amaryllis Orange Desire

Orange has one more trick up its sleeve. If you wait a few months, it’s time for Amaryllis to bloom indoors. The beautiful Jumbo Amaryllis Orange Desire has everything you want from a Christmas Amaryllis: giant blooms, sturdy stems and maximum blooming time.

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