The Benefits Of Short Term Plant Rental When Organising Events

Entrance Loby With Plant display

Whether you are organising a wedding, a large birthday bash or perhaps even a work party, the introduction of real plants can add a sense of style and freshness to the venue.

The issue of course is that if you buy up all of these plants, which are often quite costly, what on Earth are you supposed to do with them after the event is over? This quandary is in fact very easy to resolve, and the answer is to hire plants.

Having first seen adverts to hire plants in Brisbane with Advance Plants, this trend has now found its way to the UK and there are many companies keen to offer you this range of benefits when you rent plants for an event. 

Hassle Free

Organising any kind of large scale event involves a great number of moving pieces and it can be a stressful responsibility. This is why knowing that with plant rental all you have to do is pick out the plants and await delivery, is such a godsend.

Table and chairs surrounded by hanging plants

Take the hassle out of bringing plants to the event through the use of these companies which will take care of everything. All you need to do is pick the plants out from the brochure and then the team will arrive and place them for you, before picking them up once the event is done. 

High Quality 

To say that this is a cheaper service would not be strictly true as of course if you bought the plants, you would then own them. What we can say for this type of service, is that it is far more cost effective than buying the plants outright. What this gives you the scope to do is bring in higher quality plants for your event.

Let’s say that you had your eye on a pair of beautiful Weeping Figs for the entrance to the event. Brand new these may cost you in the region of £125 each, yet rental of those plants would come in at around £35 each, meaning that the £250 which you would of spent on buying the plants can now be saved or used for other areas of the event. 

Impact Plants 

For most event organisers who are taking care of their own plant buying, this would likely involve a weekend trip to a garden centre, pick the plants and away you go. Would this type of move bring in the very best plants for the event? Possibly not.

Plants on large concrete shelf. Plant wall.

With a plant hire company however you have a wealth of luxurious, stylish and high quality options. Take for example a green wall, a large trellis with draping leaves. A perfect back drop for those stylish event photographs. Plant rental companies think of the things that you wouldn’t, to ensure that you get the absolute best for your event. 

Dressed To Impress

You will not just receive the plants on the doorstep, those companies which offer plant hire will preen the plants before they are delivered, they will be in large vases of your choice and they will look immaculate for your event. Again this is another time saver for you and it will also delight the guests to see these gorgeous plants. 

Save time, money and hassle with plant hire for your upcoming event. 

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