Exploring Europe’s Wilderness

Bisons on a meadow in the Bialowieza National Park Poland

There are so many beautiful places in Europe where you can find wilderness and enjoy exploring the natural surroundings.

You can learn more about the countries you visit and take part in lots of fun and inspiring activities. The experiences you have here, you will likely never forget.

The towering cliffs of Lofoten in Norway, the large forest Białowieża in Poland and one of the hidden gems of Romania, the Delta Danube, are just some of the amazing places you can visit on your Europe tours

Białowieża Forest – Poland 

The Białowieża Forest is home to the European bison and covers an area of over 140,000 hectares in total. It is one of the best-preserved forests and is the only primeval forest that still remains in the European Union today.

European bison in the Białowieża National Park Poland
European bison in the Białowieża National Park Poland

It lies on the border between Poland and Belarus and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Białowieża national park is a great place to go hiking and camping. There are still about 800 European Bisons who live in the park today. A visit to the European Bison Reservation can be a great experience. 

Danube Delta – Romania

The largest river delta wetland in Europe is still largely untouched, which makes this a special place to visit. The Danube Delta lies in Romania, Ukraine and Moldova and contains rivers, lakes, sandbars and even steppes and dunes.

Pelican colony in Danube Delta Romania.
Pelican colony in Danube Delta Romania.

You can explore coasts and lagoons and enjoy the rich forested areas. More than 5,500 flora and fauna species are at home in the Danube Delta. Bird watchers will love it here and you can even spot pelicans. The region is also known for great wine and beautiful monasteries

Mosstrond– Norway

Mosstrond in Norway is covered with thick snow in winter and is popular with cross country skiers. The frozen lake of Møsvatn lies peacefully between the surrounding forests and mountains.

Canoeing and kayaking trips in summer can be a perfect way to enjoy this large lake. There is evidence that settlers lived in the region during the Stone Ages and there are many things to do, including fishing in Lofoten, a group of islands which are known for their stunning and dramatic high cliffs that surround the water

Kainuu forest or Oulanka National Park – Finland

Kainuu is a region of Finland that contains large uninhabited forested areas, gorgeous lakes and beautiful rolling hills. Canoeing through the Lakeland of Kainuu you’ll pass by quiet forests and vast landscapes.

Shabby green boat on the bank of the forest lake, Kainuu region in Finland
Forest lake in Kainuu region Finland

The National Park Oulanka can be a magical place with turbulent natural rivers and outstanding beauty. 

On your travels you could see wild horses, lovely bird species and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the forests and hills. 

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