Southern USA Road Trip: Tips To Plan An Itinerary Filled Holiday

Red trams in New Orleans

There is so much to see in the good ol’ US of A. In fact, you might even say there are 50 distinct cultures across the country – and even more mixing within them.

That makes for a lot of choice when it comes to road trips. What do you want to see most? Well, we can give you a few ideas to get started. 

The north-east coast itinerary: Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York

So, we know we said “Southern” but we would be remised to mention the road trip that is filled with America’s most important landmarks. The north-east coast tour is the one you want to do if you want to knock out some of North America’s most important sites off your list. Start in Philadelphia for the distinct culture it has, complete with the food and sports that comes with it. How can you pass up an Eagles game?

New York street with large billboards and yellow taxi
New York

From there you can see where freedom reigns in Washington DC, complete with the Capital, the Washington Monument and of course, the White House. 

But that’s modern history in the making, New York is a mix of old cultures still leaving their mark on modern living. Not only have you got the big tourist attractions like Lady Liberty and the Empire State Building, but the people that made the city left their fingerprints on every bar, restaurant piece of art found in the highly diverse city.

The west coast itinerary: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas

This road trip is the best for demonstrating the vastly different cultures that are just a state line away. Aside from the ability to always be walking uphill no matter what direction you walk in, San Francisco is a chill city that has lots of fun culture to enjoy. It’s a city of art and music as well as acceptance and diversity, so once you’ve seen the famous Golden Gate Bridge, visit The Greg Angelo Museum for an interactive art experience, or wander the famed San Francisco drag queen bars. 

:as Vegas sign in Las Vegas
Las Vegas

If you’re not partied out from that, the natural move would be to head to Vegas. There is something for everyone no matter your idea of a good night out, and it begs a visit just to see the architectural replicas that grace the strip. Just make sure you have your travel insurance from a reputable provider like Staysure in place. This is the City of Sin after all.

And, like most pilgrimages, of course you should end in the City of Angels. Los Angeles has so many sides to it that you’re likely to find something to love no matter what you’re into. Cinephiles will obviously love the Hollywood Walk of Fame and production tours, but you can also see a movie in an arthouse theatre, enjoy a new band in the House of Blues or a lounge singer in an underground jazz bar. 

The deep south itinerary: New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, Austin

Start your deep south journey off with a trip on a streetcar named desire. A trip into New Orleans is a must for anyone with a love of American history, not least for its mark on modern literature. Its vital importance as part of the Civil War means the city is full of historical artefacts on the streets alone. 

New Oleans French quarter with man playing brass instrument
New Orleans

Speaking of the streets, a trip to New Orleans wouldn’t be worth it without stumbling into Mardi Gras the famed street party and parade. Enjoy all the food, music, and characters that come with that. 

From there you can move onto Atlanta. Similarly, this is a city that is famed for its vibrant culture, complete with food and music. Visit the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where MLK and his father preached, or visit his birthplace and resting place. 

Heading to Nashville, you can enjoy the country capital music of the world. See a show at the Grand Ole Opry, famed for bringing so many new stars into the spotlight, or head to Austin in March to see the biggest up and coming stars at South by Southwest, or SXSW for the hip kids. 

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