Luxury Cruising Along The Adriatic Has Never Been Easier!

Luxury Cruising Along The Adriatic Has Never Been Easier!

Croatia is one of those countries that immediately catches your attention and steals your heart.

Crystal clear serene blue sea, lavish tiny islands, secluded bays and memorable towns are only one of the few things you can experience in Croatia.

This coastal paradise whose long coastline holds over 1000 islands, with some areas inhabited and some not, are one of the most fascinating places you have the pleasure of visiting. Just imagine island hopping where each area tells its own story and conveys the uniqueness and distinct charm of the region you are visiting.

Beautiful beach near Brela town, Dalmatia, Croatia.

Croatia can give everything one’s heart could want from a luxury holiday! So what better way to explore the best this country has to offer than with an unforgettable cruise, and here’s why!

Every day you will discover a new part of the summer paradise, where you will be able to relax while your crew pampers you. Your private chef will make sure your palette is always satiated, and a team of sailors and hostesses will make sure you are safe and comfortable at all times!

The Old Town of Krk, Croatia

You will also get to witness some of the most captivating beaches in Europe and indulge in the nightlife of coastal cities and jet-set islands. One day you can choose to get lost in the magical streets of historic towns and then later escape the masses in sleepy villages and private bays. Perhaps you would rather make a visit to all the jet set islands where the glitz and glamour shine all summer long instead.

By going on a luxury yacht in Croatia for a week or more, you can truly explore the most astonishing spots you never knew existed. Naturally, depending on your preferences, group size and other wishes you can choose between motor-sailors, gulets and sailing yachts. With such a choice you can keep looking for something that suits you until you are matched with the boat of your dreams.

Luxury Cruising Along The Adriatic Has Never Been Easier!

No matter what you end up choosing these boats have one thing in common, and that is the fact they all come with a skilled crew, luxurious cabins, watersports, and diverse amenities for daily fun.

This type of luxury holiday is also great for celebrating special moments, like weddings, team-building events, family get-togethers, birthday parties… the list goes on! Plus it can also also be a delightful holiday experience for smaller groups of friends and loved ones!

Luxury Cruising Along The Adriatic Has Never Been Easier! The Dolce Vita 1 Luxuary Yacht

The luxury yachts in Croatia range in size from almost 50 meters in length boats to those on a smaller scale from 20 meters for smaller groups of people. Additionally, these luxury cruises can also include a dose of adventure sailing with the high-end latest equipment.

One thing is sure, and that is the fact that yachting experience along the Adriatic is a combination of special holiday adventures you will never forget!

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