Benefits Of Choosing Timber Sash Windows

White Wooden Sash Windows With Purple Alium in garden

Timber sash windows are just as relevant today as they ever have been. While property developers tend to choose synthetic windows that add no character to the building, timber sash windows add class and elegance to add real value.

Below we go into more detail to explain the benefits of timber sash windows, the best type of timber to use, listed buildings and the material’s energy efficiency.

Benefits of Timber Sash Windows

Traditional georgian house front with wooden sash windows and wisteria plant

If you are wondering why you should invest in timber sash windows, here are some of the main benefits you can enjoy:

Beautiful aesthetics

One area that timber sash windows can never be beaten is how beautiful they look. They have a timeless appeal that allows them to fit into any type of architecture, whether it’s a modern or traditional home. They bring charm and character to the building and a touch of history that makes them stand out from the rest. For listed buildings and may be a legal requirement to maintain the authenticity of the property.

Environmentally friendly

We all have to be more aware of our impact on the environment and ethically sourced timber is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available today. That’s because the amount of energy used to process, produce and transport timber is very low, which makes it attractive to property owners. Timber also lasts for a very long time and even if the sash windows need to be replaced, the material can usually be recycled and re-used again.

Natural insulation

Managing the amount of energy we use plays an important part in today’s green world, especially in hour homes. Timber is a natural insulator that will help to maintain a comfortable temperature by making sure the heat is retained in your home for 12 months of the year. This has a positive effect on your energy bills, reducing monthly costs and the amount of money you spend each year.

Paint, stain and carve timber

Painted sash windows

Timber is an extremely versatile material that can be painted (and repainted), stained or carved to match any colour scheme you need. So no matter when you want to redecorate you never have to worry about timber windows as they remain as adaptable as you need them to be.

What is the best timber for sash windows?

Pinewood is typically the most common type of wood used in windows (and doors) as it is easily crafted to shape and has high-performance qualities. It is also just as important to ensure a high-quality paint is used to help protect the lifespan of the wood.

This type of wood is a softwood that is more cost effective and energy efficient compared to hardwood. Softwood also absorbs paints and oils much more easily so you can enjoy a smoother, more eye-catching finish. It also has less grains, which helps to create a more natural design for the interior and exterior of the property.

Listed buildings and double glazed sash windows

Wooden sash windows

For many listed buildings there are specific requirements that have to be met when it comes to repairs and maintenance. This is to ensure the original aesthetic and character of the building is upheld so it retains its historical relevance.

This applies to both domestic houses and commercial buildings, and in order to replace or repair sash windows you have to seek permission from the relevant authorities. Over time the building will need to become more energy efficient, which may mean the installation of double glazed sash windows.

However, you need to find a company who understands the entire process, including the planning permission required, in order to have this job carried out successfully.

What is the energy efficiency of wooden windows?

The debate between synthetic and timber windows has continued for years, especially when it comes to deciding which one is more energy efficient. Ultimately it comes down to a number of different factors, including the property, style of window, specific requirements and the company installing them.

Wood is a naturally insulating material that will inherently work to keep the cold at bay. However, if used with single glazed windows, this can reduce the energy efficiency. If the right insulation techniques are used, this can improve heat retention, and allows you to keep original sash timber windows in place without having to replace them with double glazing alternatives.

We spoke to Repair-A-Sash who are bespoke timber window and door specialists in London and they agree that quality sash timber windows are versitile, environmentally friendly and add character and style to any home.

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