3 Beautiful Italian Furniture Companies To Consider For Your Home

Interior in classic Italian hotel

Italian furniture companies have always been known for the remarkable beauty and elegance of the pieces they produce and make available to the public.

For good reason, Italian furniture is renowned as being of impeccable quality, with ethically sourced materials that mould to form and function. 

Of course, innovative Italian designs push the boundaries of home décor, and remarkable craftsmanship helps further distinguish Italian furniture companies from the rest. 

With that in mind, we’ve cited three beautiful Italian furniture companies to consider for your home: we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pieces that will never go out of style! 


Arflex is an award-winning brand for several reasons, but primarily due to its use of innovative material and design, utilised in the creation of beautiful furniture products that are as comfortable as they are contemporary. 

Banah Designed by Luca Nichetto 2021 - From Artflex.it
Banah Designed by Luca Nichetto from Artflex.it

Arflex’s modern flair is highly appealing for any living room, lounge or luxe bedroom. Take note of this brand’s use of soft, geometric shapes; playful, vibrant colours; fun, eye-catching designs characteristic of high-end Italian furniture companies, and its extremely popular combinations of coordinating sofas and armchairs.


Cappellini’s love of the avantgarde sets this furniture company well apart from the competition, although it certainly caters more towards the artistic aesthetic. 

Cappellini furniture and accessories collection
Cappellini furniture and accessories collection

World-famous designers collaborate on Cappellini’s contemporary furniture pieces, with beautifully embroidered chairs, abloom with unique – almost paint-like! – designs. 

The shifting shapes present in this brand’s lively couches and armchairs are of great visual interest, and sure to lure the attention and admiration of any house guest. 


The Bontempi brand is helmed by true furniture artisans; indeed, the Bontempi name has been synonymous with the finest Italian furniture since 1963. 

Artistico table from bontempi.it
Artistico dining table from Bontempi.it

The gorgeous, unique designs of Bontempi are also 100% made in Italy. This means that whatever furniture piece you choose, you can rest assured that it is completely and authentically Italian-made. Consider the chic style and keen eye for detail: as a family-run company, Bontempi also has quite the reputation for passion and creativity. 

If we have interested you in any furniture that Bontempi offers, we’d recommend a visit to The Modern Furniture Company’s Bontempi furniture showroom & store in Essex. The wealth of luxury, plush, and contemporary designs on display here will be sure to catch your eye. 

Invest in Italian furniture

There are many reasons why you, as a homeowner, should invest in Italian furniture for the home. One of these reasons, all too overlooked, is the true historical value of Italian craftsmanship. For years, ancestral skills have been passed down in the design and construction of luxury Italian furniture, and with that, pioneering methods of craftsmanship have been borne and innovated. 

So, today’s Italian furniture companies are really the culmination of centuries of hard work! You won’t find furniture pieces as brilliantly designed, with ethically sourced and attractive material, of the same quality elsewhere. 

A good rule of thumb is that, if Italian furniture has such a wide-reaching reputation dating back years, it is highly likely that such furniture will also be a valuable investment. In years to come when you update your house once more, you might even be able to sell certain furniture pieces for a lucrative sum – all the more reason to consider the above Italian furniture companies’ offerings for your abode.  

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