5 Strategies For Choosing The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

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Now that Mother’s day is just around the corner, here are five strategies you can use to give her the perfect gift that she deserves. 

1. A Gift That She Enjoys

Start by thinking about what your mother likes. Does she like days out, ornaments, coffee mugs, or maybe perfumes? Once you have that figured out, add in a greeting card with a sentimental message to assure her how much she means to you.

2. The Key to Her Heart

“The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach” – a common misconception that people think applies only to men. All mothers around the world will probably agree that children cleaning up after themselves or doing certain chores around the house is the best reward they can get. So why not go the extra mile and cook her a delicious meal too? 

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If you’re not much into cooking, you can always take her out for lunch or dinner or order takeout at home. Remember to clean up and wash the dishes too or your mother’s day gift will be meaningless if she has to scrub out the grime after a delightful meal. 

3. Customised Gifts to Make Her Feel Special

Personalised gifts are the best sentimental gift you can give your mother. It can include jewelry that contains her birthstone or it can be a coffee mug that has her favourite picture on it. If she loves using flowers for home decor, you can give her a vase of her favourite flowers that would contrast well with her living space. Nothing would be more valuable to her than waking up every day to a picturesque view of colours that would remind her of you. 

Speaking of giving sentimental things, you can give her a gift that would remind her of her childhood. For this part, you need to do thorough research and look for clues for the perfect gift that would make her reminisce about old times. If at all possible, you can invite her friends over to make the day even more special.

4. Try Something Handmade

Nothing speaks better about devotion and dedication than making your mum a handmade present. If your mother’s not an expensive jewelry-bag-dress kind of person, then don’t waste money on something that won’t impress her. Go old school! You can make her a mixed tape of her old favourite songs and compile it all on her digital device. 

Another great idea would be to create a photo album that would show the transition of her life from childhood to motherhood. You can also add in a handmade card with a sentimental message appreciating all that she is and all the things she does.

5. Gift Her Your Time

Has it been a while since you have spent time talking with your mum? Then the best gift you can give her is your time. You can take the day off from work and/or ask someone to babysit for an extended time. This way, even you, as a parent, can also have a relaxing day while catching up with your mum.

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You can have lunch together, go shopping or have a spa day. If you or your mother don’t want to go outdoors, you can cook your mother a delicious meal or order take-out, binge-watch a series you both enjoy, do some online shopping, or just some good old family chit chat! 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are still in a pickle as to what to give your mother, here are some ideas to help you make an informed decision: 

  • A Potted Plant: Depending on the types of flowers your mum likes, it may be a good idea to buy perenial plants, so that it’s a gift that keeps giving. An orchid is a perfect example and brighten up the living space. Or you can give her a combination of herb plants such as parsley, thyme, basil, or mint and turn her balcony or garden into a herb garden. It’s appealing and also handy when it comes to cooking with herbs and spices. 
  • Her Favourite Book: Your mother may already have a copy of her favourite book, but if it’s possible to get her a first edition copy or a book that’s signed by the author, that’ll surely mean a lot more. You can also add in a little note wishing her a happy mother’s day. 
  • Clothes and Jewelry: You can never go wrong with clothes and matching jewelry as gifts for your mum. Take her out shopping and find out which blouse, dress, and jewelry attracted her attention. Gift them to her on mother’s day and witness the surprise reaction firsthand. 
  • Home Spa Day: Make every day a spa day at home for her! Give her a basket filled with bath and skincare products. From exfoliating peel, clay facemask, and moisturiser to essential bath oils and scented candles. Additionally, if you think it’s too much work at home, you can also provide her with vouchers or gift cards for her to relax at a salon.
  • Makeup: If she is into makeup, then you can get your mother modern makeup sets such as foundations, primers, an eye shadow palette, a variety of coloured lipsticks as well as tools such as brushes and sponges to complete the set. 
  • Travel Bags: Travel bags are a practical and handy gift option you can give your mother if she loves to travel a lot. They come in various sizes, from hand bags and tote bags to large carry-on shoulder bags. You can also have them customised by including your motherss name on the bag or an inspirational quote such as: “The best mum in the world”.
  • Foot Massager: Foot massages help relax and take away all the aches and pains. It’s not always easy to find the time or money to book to see a professional, so a home foot massager would be great present that really helps your mum unwind.  
  • Tea Bag Gift Set: If your mum loves tea and is a tea connoisseur, you can give her a box of teabag sets that contains an assortment of flavours. These can include mint tea, herbal tea, chai tea, oolong tea, and so on.
  • Electronics and Gadgets: Tech-savvy or not, it’s hard to go wrong with a new gadget. Be it a new phone, laptop, or as simple as a smartwatch, it’ll be the most helpful gift for your mum.  Additionally, if she loves reading, you can give her a digital book reader where she can download whichever books she would like to read without needing to run down to the library. Other great options include robot vacuum cleaners, a new blender, a coffee maker, and so on.
  • Subscriptions, Gift Cards, and Vouchers: Your mother may have a lot of free time on hand, so why not give her a gift that would utilise her time by doing something productive? Find out what she likes to do best: does she like baking? Or maybe dancing? Or does she have an interest in learning a particular activity such as pottery, crochet knitting or maybe even working with a computer? Whichever field she’s interested in, you can get her a monthly or yearly registration to those classes.  Or you could choose a gift cards and vouchers if she enjoys choosing her own gifts. It can be from a jewelry or clothing store, a restaurant, or even a spa resort! Speaking of resorts, you can get her airline tickets to her favourite place or a place she always wanted to go.

Final Thoughts

Mothers sacrifice a lot for us which we easily take for granted. Therefore, it’s only fair to give her the best gift that she truly deserves and not only on occasions like Mother’s day but all year round. Mothers don’t ask for much so it’s only right that they should feel valued. Hopefully, these 5 Strategies for choosing the perfect mother’s day gift’ will help you to make her feel special this year on Mother’s Day. 

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