Boost Productivity With A More Comfortable Work Area

Boost Productivity With A More Comfortable Work Area

When it comes to boosting your personal productivity, getting comfortable might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

Comfort is key to getting things done, though. Before you can effectively implement cutting-edge productivity hacks or use the latest high-tech tools at your desk, you need to remove any uncomfortable distractions that might be holding you back from getting things done.

Maintain an Optimized Workplace Temperature

When your work area is too hot or cold, it can be tough to stay productive. If you can control the temperature of the room, aim for something between 70 and 77 degrees year-round to ensure a basic level of comfort.

If the room temperature isn’t quite right for your physiology, or if someone else is in control of the overall temperature and doesn’t want to set it at a comfortable level, take control at a personal level.

Add a sweater if the room feels slightly too chilly, put a small space heater near your desk to warm up your immediate work zone, or put a personal fan at your desk to cool you off on especially hot days.

Choose Comfortable Furniture

Boost Productivity With A More Comfortable Work Area

Your office chair and desk both affect your at-work comfort, so invest in quality pieces that suit your body and work style. An ergonomically designed chair is a must-have for a comfortable, productive work space.

Your desk should fit your work style. If you spread out your paperwork and equipment, an L-shaped desk with lots of surface area might be your best option.

For a minimalist work space, a sleek compact desk might be preferable. Some people find that using an adjustable work station that converts from a regular sit-down desk to a standing desk increases productivity significantly.

Improve Your Lighting

When your desk area is dim, you feel sleepy and unproductive. Good lighting can keep you alert and cheerful, which makes it easier to stay on task.

Installing reliable overhead lighting is a first step, but you can also enhance the lighting situation at your desk by moving your work area closer to a window to get some natural light or using a desk lamp or spot lighting to illuminate the specific space where you work.

Streamline Your Work Environment

Boost Productivity With A More Comfortable Work Area

Minimalism and productivity often go hand in hand, so culling items off your desktop so that you only have what you absolutely need visible can improve the speed and efficiency of your workday.

Even if you don’t want to pare down your desk essentials completely, tidying up your work space on a daily or weekly basis can make must-have items easier to find and reduce visual distractions when you’re trying to concentrate.

Wire management is another thing to consider when you’re streamlining your desk area. Creating a comfortable environment takes effort, but the productivity boost is worth the work.

Design your desk area to let you focus on the tasks you need to complete instead of spending your day distracted by comfort concerns.

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