Inject Some Romance Into The Bedroom With These Decorating Tips

Luxury bedroom with rich blue headboard

Even the closest of relationships are often at the mercy of modern life.

Busy schedules, long working hours, stress and even the addition of little ones can make spending intimate and personal time with your partner a rare event.

Having a place of sanctuary and somewhere you and your partner can retreat to, to spend time together will strengthen your relationship and will certainly boost your mental health and overall wellbeing. If your bedroom is looking a little tired and in need of some TLC, then making a few thoughtful changes with intimacy and romance in mind can turn your bedroom into a cosy and inviting space where you’ll love spending time together. Let’s explore some ways to inject romance into your bedroom with these decorating tips.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Green bedroom with brass designer lighting

Lighting plays an important part in setting the tone and mood of any room, and in the bedroom, it’s important to get it right. If your bedroom is solely lit with an overhanging pendant lamp, then it’s not going to help you much in the romance department. Instead, installing an impressive collection of LED spotlights in your bedroom can help you set the tone with specific colours, brightness and levels of intimacy which can be controlled via dimmer switches or smartphones. So, whether you’re checking in with each other after a hectic day, watching a movie or getting intimate, you’ll be able to set the tone and atmosphere with high-quality lighting.

No Kids Allowed!

If you have children at home, then you’ll know that they always find their way into everything. You love them of course, but you and your partner must have your own space away from the other hectic and family-focused rooms of the house. So, with this in mind, avoid placing family photographs or kids artwork in the bedroom, instead display items or images that mean a lot to you and your partner, this approach makes the room more personal and more enjoyable.

Distractions Aren’t Welcome

The TV, your laptop or work computer, the ironing, piles of clothes – whatever distractions are taking up space in your bedroom, to inject a little romance, remove all the factors that are inadvertently getting in the way of your love life.

Make The Bed Inviting

Cosy bed with coffee cup on tray

When you know your bedding is comfortable and inviting, you’ll both want to head upstairs a little earlier! Sheets with high thread counts such as cotton and luxury fabrics will certainly make you want to get cosy. Add some large, fluffy pillows so you can enjoy extra layers of comfort and get cosy under the blanket.

Blackout is Best

Being able to shut out the outside world and feel like you’re the only two people in it is a wonderful feeling. Updating your window dressings to blackout curtains or blinds will help you achieve this and a better level of privacy.

Final Thoughts…

Adding a little extra romance into your bedroom is easy when you know-how! Consider these points above to make your bedroom a couples’ sanctuary.

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