5 Design Tips To Make Your Rental Feel Homey

Luxury bathroom with jacuzzi bath surrounded by candles

If you are renting your house or apartment out, you definitely want it to feel homey for your guests!

This is especially the case when you are doing short-term rentals on websites like Airbnb.com. An apartment or house that makes people feel comfortable will lead to happier guests, longer stays, and more money for you! Guests will also leave you excellent reviews when they leave. This will lead to more revenue for you as the owner.

In this article, we are going to highlight five design tips that will help your apartment or house feel extremely comfortable and “homey.” We are going to assume that you are offering a “furnished” rental, either short-term or long-term.

1) Make Sure You Have Enough Beds

If you are doing a short-term rental, it is important that you have enough places for people to sleep. Also, you can be creative and even stylish when designing spaces for people to sleep in your rental.

Four beds in one room. Wooden double and single bunk beds

For example, depending on the size of your space, you can get some really amazing futons or pull-out couches that are modern, sleek and stylish.

If you have enough bedrooms, you may want to insert two beds into one of the bedrooms if it is a short-term rental. That way, you have more spots for larger parties to sleep in. This will help your rental appeal to more people.

It is important to note that if you are doing a long-term furnished rental, more sleeping areas may be less important.

2) “Play Up” the Unique Characteristics of Your Local Area

When designing your rental, take into account the characteristics of your local area. For example, if you’re staying in central or West London the Natural History Museum or the Science Museaum are a great attaction for families. Maybe you want to add in some fun to the bedrooms by adding dinosaur decorations to keep the children amused.

Skeleton of prehistoric dinosaur animal in the Natural History Museum of London.

London is a very popular city for tourists, therefore you might also want to design your rental to feature items that would be traditionally found in London. Images of Buckingham Palace or the shard would fit well, as both are areas torists visit in great numbers.

Even a couple of Union Jack pillows placed on the sofa will help guests to have a more authentic experience. If they are on vacation, they will certainly appreciate it!

3) Design Your Space for Your “Perfect Guest”

Try to visualise your “perfect guest” when designing your rental space. Are they a family? Are they a young business professional? Perhaps they are a couple on a romantic vacation.

Stylish apartment with smart home devices

Depending on the type of guests you anticipate hosting, you want to design your rental space to accommodate them.

What kinds of things would they want when visiting your area? A couple on a romantic vacation may want wine glasses and a jacuzzi bath. A family with children visiting may want toys or extremely “cartoonish” decor in the bedrooms for children.

Then there are your business guests. They may require more stylish accomodation when visitin London city. For such a client cutting-edge entertainment and technology is a must. From superfast broadband to smart home devices to enabling them to work remotely and with ease.

As you visualise your “perfect guest,” it will make it much easier to design your rental space.

4) Adjust Your Design to Fit Your Rental’s Space

If you have a huge rental home, you have a lot more options when designing your rental space. If you have a small apartment, design your space in such a way that you optimise the space in a very efficient, effective manner. For example, add a modular sofa.

You want to adapt your design to fit the space you have at your disposal, in your house or apartment. When doing a short-term rental, you will really have to be smart about what you outfit in a smaller apartment versus a larger home.

Think about exactly what your guests will need. Choose items that fit the “theme” of your rental. This way you can achieve your design goals and satisfy your customers no matter how big your space is!

5) Adapt Your Design Based on Guest Suggestions

When you are renting out your home or apartment, you will undoubtedly rent it to multiple guests. This is especially the case if you are doing a short-term rental.

You will get reviews from your guests or direct feedback. This is actually a good thing! This will enable you to adapt your rental’s design to the tastes and suggestions of your guests “as you go.” You can always modify or adjust your design with minor “fixes” and details after each guest leaves or moves out.

This helps you keep your rental “fresh” and attractive in the marketplace.

Get Ready for Your Guests

We certainly hope these design tips give you ideas on how to make your rental feel more homey! We feel these tips will enable your rental to fit perfectly to the tastes of your target guests. These easy five tips help you to design a rental that will absolutely rock!

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