How To Update Your Office Décor To Induce Productivity

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We spend so much time working, that we often pay little attention to our surroundings.

However, studies have shown that our working environments play an important part in influencing our creativity and our productivity levels. You might not think that the layout and design within your home office need updating, but in reality, how we feel whilst working can greatly influence our working performance, so it’s certainly worth exploring.

We all deserve a pleasant and enjoyable working environment and if your home office needs a little TLC, then you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to make any drastic or structural changes to increase your productivity or mood within your office space. Want to know more? In this post, we’ll explore some easy updates to your office décor that will induce productivity.

Add Some Amazing Moments

It’s always recommended that we try not to merge our working and home lives, which is incredibly difficult when you’re based at home. However, updating your dull and boring walls with some easy to stick photo tiles showcasing your favourite moments and memories will certainly give your productivity a boost. When we’re surrounded by people who mean a lot to us and are reminded of happy times, it lifts our spirits and we’re more inclined to work harder.

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Photo tiles are a great alternative to hammers, nails and hooks that can damage your walls, or might not be permitted if you’re renting. If you fancy a change, then they can also be moved around to create new collections and arrangements whenever you wish, keeping the walls of your office fresh!  

Update Your Lighting

Lighting plays an important part in your home office. Not just because it illuminates your space so you can work effectively, but it can also set the tone and creates a level of comfort that, if done correctly, can increase your productivity levels. If you’re still relying on an overhead bulb to light your office, then you need to reassess your lighting options.

Office table with computer and desk light.

Consider installing some standing lamps and desk light options to have the light focus on specific areas of the room. When areas are well lit, it makes working much easier and tasks requiring high concentration levels are completed with ease.

Have Your Achievements on Display

Whether you’ve recently gained a new qualification, or you’ve won an award at work for your latest efforts, having your work-related achievements on display can certainly give your productivity a boost. Consider framing them and applying them to the walls around your desk, or add them to your shelves so they’re in full view.

Decorate With Comfort

If your office space is uncomfortable then you’re going to find it difficult to concentrate. By styling your office with comfort in mind, you’ll get more work done and even enjoy the time you spend in your home office. Ensure you’re working on an ergonomic chair, and have plenty of cushions and blankets to keep you warm and support your back. For increased productivity, consider a standing desk. You can find the best standing desk in Canada online here.

Final Thoughts…

Productivity and office décor go hand in hand, consider the points above to update your home office.

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