Get Ahead Of The Summer Heatwave With These Decorating Tips

Blue and white living room

Living in the UK, the word ‘heatwave’ can often seem a little bit optimistic. Regardless of whether the heavens have opened or the sun is beaming high in the sky, there’s no reason not to embrace summer into your home this year.

After all, we’re sure that somewhere along the line, we’ll get a day (or two – fingers crossed!) where we can proudly say that a heatwave has swept the nation and left us rushing for a bit of much-needed shade. 

Read on as we give you some handy tips and tricks to help transform your home into a haven this summer.

Pick a theme

Whilst summer itself is arguably as good a theme as any, narrowing your (peri)scope can help you decide which token pieces you need to be looking out for, in order to transform your home this season. 

Blue and white dining room

A great example of a summer theme is something nautical and seashore-inspired. There’s nothing better than bringing a piece of the seaside into your home, but perhaps just without all that sand. Subtly is your best friend — navy blue accents and white stripes should be enough to bring a taste of the beach into your house.

Why not opt for a sea-blue rug beneath your dining room table, with a navy and white patterned table cloth and white china? You could also jazz up a plain set of white chairs with blue cushions, to match that rug. If you’re more interested in bringing the theme into your home in a different way, the colours of your walls are a great way to bring in a nod to the nautical. Switch up a white room with a blue feature wall, and some shell artwork or decorations. It’s all down to how willing you are to get those sea legs out!

Keep things light and white

If you want to let the maximum amount of light into your home this summer, then filling your rooms with all things white, cream and sand is the best way to go. White walls with matching textiles such as a bright white luxury bedding set and cream furniture pieces will reflect any light coming in from your bedroom windows. 

Blue and White bedroom

If you’re worried about keeping these light-coloured features pristine and free from muddy paws or sticky handprints, then opting for a predominantly white pattern can have the same effect, as well as providing you with the ability to disguise any unfortunate spillages. 

Introduce bright accents

Whilst white décor reflects the natural sun light, it can also be a perfect backdrop for introducing bright colours into your home. If you’re not ready to commit to a vibrant lick of paint or an investment in a new piece of staple furniture, you can simply use a bowl of bright citrus fruit or a fresh bouquet of flowers to inject colour into your kitchen or dining area. 

But if you’re feeling a little bit more daring, perhaps painting the inside of your kitchen door a light turquoise or keeping some colourful pots and pans on your stove, will provide a smattering of colour that’ll keep your space feeling positive and summery.

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