10 Kitchen Must-haves For Every First Home

Wooden Kitchen cabinet with kitchen accessories

Buying your first home is a momentous occasion to say the least. That said, moving in isn’t always without its stresses.

In this piece, however, we look at 10 kitchen must-haves to help reduce at least some of those stresses.

1. Cooking spatula

Just because it isn’t a gadget in the conventional sense, doesn’t diminish the importance of having a solid spatula. Whether flipping your veggie burgers or topping a cake, the spatula is the utility player of the kitchen drawer.

2. Chopping board set

Nobody likes chaos in the kitchen, but a good, sturdy, colour-coded set of chopping boards can help massively in reducing that chaos. If you look after your chopping boards, taking particular care when washing them, they’ll almost certainly look after you. Have a gander at some of the best chopping boards, according to BBC Good Food, here.

3. Ice cube trays and ice moulds

Whether it’s for an iced coffee on a hot summer’s morning, or for those Friday night cocktails, making your own ice can save you bundles. The bigger the mould, the more excitement you can bring into your world – think home frozen cola lollies or iced coffee lollies!

Home made ice lollies and molds

BBC Good Food has a great list of ice lolly recipies for kids here: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/kids-ice-lolly-recipes.

4. Coffee making machine

Speaking of coffee, many would argue that this is the piece de resistance of any kitchen. How many of us could truly survive without that morning coffee? Italian, American, or otherwise, take a look at some of the absolute finest in coffee making machines and treat yourself.

5. Air fryer

A recent kitchen revolution means that now everyone has an air fryer. Reducing the need for cooking oil saves both money and mess, whilst also still achieving the same as a deep-fryer. A good air fryer may retail at around £300, but the long-term benefits are plentiful.

6. Cup measureing sets

How many times do you begin to make a recipe and realise the measurement for the ingredients is in cups!? As cups is an American way to measure food ingredients, not everyone here in the UK have them stored away in their kitchen cupboards.

Stainless steal set of measuring cups

Make life easier and purchase a set, as it really does save the headache of converting cups to grams, which isn’t always a straight forward calculation.

7. Scissors

They may not seem as glamorous as some of their cousins in this list, but a good pair of scissors can be hugely versatile. Whether its making a salad, or even opening some tricky packaging, make sure your scissors make the cut.

8. Rolling pin

Another perhaps underappreciated gem of the kitchen, a good rolling pin can get you a long way. From pastry to pizza and much more in between, getting yourself a rolling pin that doesn’t stick is the key. 

9. Water filter jug

No two glasses of tap water are the same, but with a water filter jug, you can ensure that you at least have a fresh glass. Not to mention some fresh water for your morning cup of tea.

10. Glass straws

As we shift away from single-use items, glass straws have stepped in to become our modern saviour. Now you can be simultaneously environmentally conscious and effortlessly cool as you offer your guests a nice cool cocktail. 

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