How Etsy Has Helped Interior Design

How Etsy Has Helped Interior Design

Etsy has had a huge effect on interior design; it’s opened up a whole world of sellers, and you can find lots of unique and personalised items that aren’t available from chain stores. It’s a great resource if you’re looking for something a bit different.

From a shopper point of view, Etsy offers people the chance to buy unique and personalised items according to a study. People now prefer to shop from independent sellers rather that chain stores, looking for niche items that you don’t find everywhere.

To find out about people’s shopping habits, Seareach, an online labelling company asked over 2000 people whether they had used Etsy. They found that 30% of people had used the online market place and that 58% of those had used it because they wanted a unique or personalised items.

More and more people are using their creative side and are joining the kitchen table workforce with their own micro businesses selling their creations online through sites such as Etsy.

In the US the independent workforce includes 55 million people and brings in $1 trillion in earnings, and in the UK there are over 5 million microbusinesses.

Our tips for selling on Etsy

How Etsy Has Helped Interior Design


So you have an idea of something you can create, but is it something people will want? First and foremost you need to do your research, looking at your product and how it might sell as well as identifying your competition. This will help you understand how to sell successfully on Etsy.

Brand building

Although a lot of the hard work is done for you via Etsy, you still need to make sure you have a good brand: a logo for your shop, unique and eye catching About section, good quality packaging and delivery options. More than just product quality, you need to make sure you build your brand through good photos and customer service.

Product Picture Quality

You need to ensure you take good pictures of your products, and more than one with high resolution photos, showing details and taken from the best angles with good lighting. Don’t forget to include lifestyle shots such as your product in situ. These are what people tend to share on Pinterest, which will also help you generate more traffic.

Customer service

Amazing customer service is what keeps people coming back to your store, coupled with positive word of mouth and good reviews. Make sure you’re prompt in replying to messages and also when sending out items, with clear lines of communication. Happy and satisfied customers will equal more exposure and more sales.

Social media marketing

Marketing on social media couldn’t be easier, without adverts it’s the cheapest form of advertising. Make sure you have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for your store. Pinterest is also useful, and however, potential customers tend to be the best source of shares on this platform, so it’s not always necessary to have an account or post regularly on there. You can promote your items, offers and news via your social media without having to spend a dime.


Etsy has a wonderful community for Etsy sellers and it’s a great resource. There are forums where you can ask for help, you can also make yourself known to other sellers. Just because people have their own Etsy store doesn’t mean they aren’t also potential customers on the site; make sure you keep active and follow other stores.

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