Your Room-by-Room Perfect Flooring For Every Room

Modern Living Room With Wooden Flooring

Flooring is not just about aesthetics. Every room in your house has a different purpose, and your flooring needs will vary throughout the property depending on whether you are refurbishing your living room or updating your kitchen.

When you want to refresh your home with new flooring, consider how you use each room when you make your decision. Think about how often people are in the room, and its specific role in your family’s life. Floors take a lot of battering over their lifetime.

Maximize the quality of your new flooring for as long as possible with our guide to choosing the right floor for every room.


Your master bedroom is the perfect space for a classic, elegant hardwood floor or engineered wood floor, for example from Wood Floor Warehouse – one of the most popular online flooring stores in the UK. You might think this type of wood floor is not ideal for cold feet in the morning, but you can add a layer of luxury by installing a cozy rug next to the bed.

Wood floors are perfect for low-traffic areas of the house. You can clean wood floors easily but it is best not to get them wet as they can warp. You can also find a wide variety of shades and tones of wood to complement your décor.

Dining Rooms

When you entertain a lot and use your dining room for family meals, you need something stylish that is also hard-wearing. Hardwood is the best option here, too. You can choose a dark tone to make a large room appear cozier, or a light ash wood to enhance a feeling of space.

Wooden Herringbone Wooden Flooring in Dining Room with Wooden 70s Table & Chairs

Consider an area rug in a contrasting shade for use beneath the table. This will help protect the floor from chair leg scrapes as well as spillages, which are bound to happen when you serve food and wine.

Mudrooms and Hallways

Your hallway is the gateway to your abode and also the place where the majority of dust and dirt enters. Keep your hallway clean by investing in an easy-clean flooring that is also highly durable and low-maintenance. Not a lot to ask! 

Thankfully there are options that fit the bill, including ceramic tiles that are simple to wash, sisal or seagrass (both of which can be easily vacuumed), or laminate tiles that can withstand any water tracked in on boots and umbrellas.

Playrooms and Family Rooms

This is not the space for a pristine white carpet, but we suspect you already know that. Choose something soft so your children can lounge and play, as well as something easy to maintain.

Tnt with pillows in natural scandinavian playroom for kids

Carpeting is ideal and can be complemented with area rugs. Or you can try carpet tiles that you can arrange in different patterns. Anything easy to clean is perfect for this kind of area.


Steer well clear of carpeting in the bathroom. It is incredibly difficult to clean spills from cosmetics and make-up, and the moisture can lead to a build-up of mold. Go for something simple and fresh like luxury vinyl tile or even heated tile. This is perfect when you hate getting out of the bath onto a freezing floor.

Choose the right flooring and you enhance your room considerably. Look at your room’s features and its use to predict what type of floor will suit it best. You can also match the color of the floor to tone in with the rest of the décor scheme.

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