Pinterest’s Predictions For 2021 Trends And How To Use Them In Your Home

Did you know that more than 400 million people use Pinterest?  That’s a lot of folks planning parties, outfits, projects and of course, home renovations—millions of users browsing the platform for inspiration, selecting paint colours, researching different aesthetics and choosing artwork.

Which means one thing: a lot of valuable user data providing Pinterest with a window into the future.  The social media platform can spot new trends as they emerge, just bubbling under the surface. The company says their platform is the place to find tomorrow’s ideas and that their report predicts what’s “not-yet-trending”.

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Pinterest’s 2020 report correctly predicted 8 out of 10 trends (despite it being the “least predictable year in history“, as they highlighted). So, when they unveiled their 2021 report last month, we sat up and took notice.  We’ve created a summary of their ‘home’ related trend predictions below for you to peruse: 

Trend prediction 1: vibey lighting

According to Pinterest, searches for the phrase neon room have increased eightfold year-on-year. And blue is the hue of choice apparently. Searches for blue LED lights bedroom shot up by a whopping 155%. It’s probably no surprise that this trend is popular with Gen Z. Pinterest users looking for ways to add a splash of colour to their space.

How to adopt this trend in your home: Easy! This trend is literally ‘plug and play’. Grab a neon light, plug it in and enjoy! Here are some of our favourites:

Trend prediction 2: dish it out

If you keep abreast of home decor trends you’ll know that gallery walls were ubiquitous throughout the 2010s. Now shelfies are stealing their spotlight (a shelf or bookshelf that show’s off one’s carefully curated collection of belongings.) One room, in particular, is set to be the star of the show in 2021: the kitchen.

According to Pinterest, we’ll be collecting eye-catching glassware and clayware to display on our kitchen shelves. The image bookmarking site says searches for coloured glassware, kitchen floating shelves, plate racks in kitchen and clay plates have all seen significant increases.

How to use in your home: Is your kitchen short on storage? If so, this trend is for you. Put up some shelves and artfully arrange your best crockery, glassware and cooking paraphernalia. Decant cereals, grains, pasta and tea bags into glass jars and use your new-found cupboard space to house those less atheistically-pleasing items, like tins and bags of crisps.

Trend prediction 3: Japandi aesthetic

Japanese design meets Scandinavian minimalism in this rising decor trend. Searches for Japandi have shot up by 100% on Pinterest, according to the company. The atheistic is currently trending in Sweden, Germany and Spain. Expect to see it here too soon.

How to use in your home: Perfectly suited for a room refresh, you’ll need to invest in pieces that embody the Japandi’s clean and calm spirit. Look for furniture and furnishings with natural textures and clean lines. In terms of colour, it’s all about neutral tones. This style also honours tradition, a respect for craftsmanship and natural materials. Look for items that marry simple design with functionality and beauty.

Trend prediction 4: more door

Pinterest predict that we’ll say goodbye to open floor plans in 2021. This is a hangover from 2020, the year we all stayed home. We needed rooms to double up as spaces to work, play, exercise and teach/learn.

People are finding creative ways to section off their rooms—searches for bookshelf room dividers have doubled according to Pinterest’s data. Users are planning ways to create little spaces for their interests and hobbies at home, including reading nooks, mini-libraries and space to game in peace!

Apparently, Pinners are researching how to turn their closets into offices too, with the phrase cloffice ideas doubling in searches year-on-year.

How to use in your home: Use bookcases, freestanding units and screens to section off different areas. If you’re handy with DIY and lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, you may wish to convert the room into a cloffice. For those short on space, try converting a wardrobe or cupboard into a micro-office. Pull-down desks are great space savers that can be packed away too. For the kids, create additional floor space and utilise empty walls by installing a loft bed. These high beds have plenty of space for a desk underneath, perfect for homeschooling and homework.

Honourable mention: Modern mystic

The social media company suggests Pinners will “get in touch with their magical side” in 2021 as “alternative spiritual methods will enter the mainstream”. Although Pinterest filed this prediction under ‘wellbeing’, we have spotted it on the highstreet too.

How to use in your home: Incorporate this trend into your home with a little artwork, some soft furnishings and a few carefully-chosen ornaments. Many home decor brands and interiors shops stock celestial-inspired pieces at the moment—you’ll find lots of sun, moon and star motifs in their product lines.

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