Top 5 Interior Design Trends in 2017

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Interior design trends come and go, some being more popular than others.

As we near the end of 2017, many of us are looking forward, predicting what 2018 will hold in terms of interior design styles. What will shock us and what will we love?

In 2017, there have been many fashions and trends in interior design; here are the top five trends that too firm root over the years.

Chic Opulence

There has been a concerted effort to introduce luxury and opulence into the home but here’s the thing: people wanted it without anything too heavy, too overboard or too audacious.

The one way of adding glitz and glamour but without decadence and vulgarity is to use glass. From floating glass shelves with hidden glass clamps to pretty tear drop glass lamp shades and chandeliers, glass has proved an invaluable material over the year.

And the predictions for the coming year suggest more of the same, with perhaps a swing in favour of coloured glass.

Mix and Match

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Items being too ‘matchy matchy’ has not been in favour for some time but what has been shown to be fantastic in 2017 has been the mix and match appeal. But, as you would expect with interior design, it is all within reason.

With the rules of interior design, we have seen sunshine yellow sit with plain block coloured sofas, flanked by faux fur patterned armchairs.

We have seen a mix of styles that can only be described as eclectic – and we loved it! The trend started with mixing and matching floral prints, using the same colour but mixing up the blooms and we suggest this will continue in the coming year, mixing geometric patterns with a hint of animal print.

Brass and Gold is Back!

The last time we saw so much gold and brass we were back in the 70s. But what a revival it has been!

Brushed and matte silver was, for so long, the automatic choice for accessories with brass effect and gold seen as being old hat. But how things changed.

There was also a Moroccan feel that came with a lot of the brass finish effects which made for fantastic hanging pendant lights. Table lamps also followed suit with large bulbous bases and pretty lampshades.

Gold was the chosen material and finish too, from gold plated light fittings to stylish gold effect sculptures.

2018 may see more of the same but we think that anything metallic will be welcome in most modern interior design schemes.

The 70s Colour Palette

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Pantone shocked us back in December 2016 with the announcement that the colour of the year was ‘Greenery’.

A symbol, Pantone said, of new beginnings it took some of us a few weeks to embrace it but when we did, we did so with gusto.

In fact, the colour palette that seemed to fall into favour was a 70s palette that was dark, earthy and moody. Green was forest green, purples were dark berry coloured and yellows were mustard shades with navy blue being a common colour too.

Raw White

But just to confuse matters, as well as navy being the new black, there was raw white to be content with too.

If deep colours or even the splash of lime and ‘Minion Yellow’ that has been seen edging in of late are not quite to your taste, then the answer is simple: raw white.

But not necessarily of walls and ceilings, but in terms of sculptures and ornamentation. From pretty white bulbous vases to tall and lean sculpture, white ceramics have been everywhere for some time.

As a trend, we are not sure this will continue as some designers have noted an upsurge in consumers wanting simple but artisan items for the home. And colour has been coming through too.

But don’t throw your white ceramics on the rubbish heap just yet as they make for good objects clustered together against a darker background. And with Pantone not expected to release the Colour of the Year 2018 until December and no hints as to the colour or shade, we could be in for another surprise come the New Year.

What design trends have you noticed? Which trends will you be keeping hold of and what will you be changing when the New Year arrives?

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