London Design Festival Highlights

London Design Festival Highlights - "The Smile" at the Chelsea College of Art Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground

You couldn’t choose a better place to have a design festival than the design capital of the world – London!

The city of London is alive with interior design, digital design, art design, the list goes on. As they say you can not get bored in London, there are just so much to see and do from museums, to shows, and festivals – you will find something for all desires!

With so many forward thinking architects working on projects in London, just walking down the street you find you are treated to such stunning designs from shops, to offices and home exteriors.

The London Design Festival which took place between the 17th – 25th September 2016 took this even further and placed designs out on the streets, as well as within much loved art galleries.

London Design Festival Highlights - "The Smile" at the Chelsea College of Art Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground

The above was designed by architect Alison Brooks’ alongsid URUP, her landmark Project in the shape of a smile was placed out side the Chelsea College of Art Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground (see main image) for all to explore.

London Design Festival Highlights - Mini Living Installation - London Design Festival 2016- - Image From Dezeen

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Unused public areas can sometimes be uninviting. Khan’s instalations named Relax, Connect and Create were designed to change these spaces into areas where people felt invited in and could interact with each other, work or relax.

Khan filled each scructure with plants and formed the sides by using a translucent material so that you could see in from outside and visa versa.

It was designed in this way to incorporate the structure into the surrounding environment and make it appear semi-public, not closed off and univiting.

London Design Festival Highlights - FOIL by Benjamin Hubert of Layer at the V&A 2 - From London Design Festival

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The V&A Tapestry Gallery was brought alive by 50,000 metallic shapes meticulously placed upon a 20-meter board representing the contours of the face.

Benjamin Hubert created the mesmerising piece called Foil for London Design Festival, with design company Layer Design and Braun shavers.

London Design Festival Highlights - 44 Installation by Omer Arbel and Bocci at the Barbican - Image From London Design Festival

Placed within the foyer of the Barbican, Bocci’s immersive light installation 44 has once again dazzled visitors of the London Design Festival.

Using science, art and design the suspended structure of 300 aluminium forms is able to light up the space with bulbs that are not connected to electrical cables. This is due to the electrical conductivity of the metal used.

The designer Omar Ardel has also previously designed a giant chandelier of coloured glass at the V&A Museum, for the 2013 London Design Festival.

Thankfully the immersive light installation 44 will be on show until the 18th April 2017.

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The London Design Festival have a wonderful video of their festival highlights – see below.

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