7 Simple Tips to make your bathroom another loving room

7 Simple Tips to make your bathroom another loving room

What is the first image that comes to mind, when you hear the word ‘bathroom’.

Would you imagine beautifully decorated tiled walls, wooden flooring, and a spar shower, with a roll top bath and Victorian styled wash basin, all organised together to showcase the best of the best.

On the other hand when you hear the word bathroom do you instantly think of those public toilets which are so unhygienic and unpleasant to use, that you avoid them at all costs.

It really depends on each individual person regarding how they respond/describe the term ‘bathroom’? Some may find it an area of the home that invites relaxation, cleanliness and a spar like feel, or as we mentioned above it could be a functional room which doesn’t really bring to mind nice or relaxing thoughts at all.

It is up to us as to how we feel about our bathroom, either we use it as a practical and useful space, and never consider it anything more, or we embrace this area of the home and decorate/design it in a way that enables us to use the room as if it is another resting place such as the bedroom and lounge.

7 Simple Tips to make your bathroom another loving room

Tips to increase the prominence of the bathroom within your home:

  • Setting tiles in a Herringbone pattern to get a spa-like look.
  • Adding Mirrored Walls will definitely increase the feel of a small room.
  • If you enjoy showers more often than baths, you could look at removing the bath tub as it can cover a larger area of space, which can then be easily replaced with a shower.
  • Use of colourful panels gives a classy look from an ancient era, each time giving you the feeling of a roman architectural design.
  • Using a pocket door in place of an in-swinging entry door will save you with a lot more space and make the bathroom more look larger.
  • Combining dark and light colours in the designs will also add to the serenity of the room. You can achieve this by adding a variety of dark colours for the floors. If you go for Dark Coloured Solid Oak Flooring on the ground it’s a great option this time of you, because of the quality it can handle extra traffic and hide dirt brought in from guests. There is also often a Sale on Engineered Wood Flooring this time of year (Christmas and New Year). Plus add to the room carefully placed light colours on area’s such as the walls, and you will find the bathroom look much larger.
  • You can also add an accent wall in the smaller bathrooms to give it a more colourfull and pleasing look.

So, get started with these idea’s and hopefully have your bathroom ready for when guests visit this Christmas.

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