5 Bathroom Trend Ideas For 2019

5 Bathroom Trend Ideas For 2019

Your bathroom is often the last room in your home to receive the love and attention it deserves.

Even though, it should be a space in which you can close the door, relax and unwind, free from the stress of the work-a-day world.

If you’re thinking of embarking upon a renovation project, you’ll need some good bathroom design ideas, which is where this blog post will come in handy.

We’ve come up with 5 trends which we feel will be hot in the world of bathroom interiors in 2019.

Make a feature of your walls and floors

5 Bathroom Trend Ideas For 2019 - Geo Tiles

Gone are the days of hum-drum white walls or tiles. With a huge variety of wall and floor coverings to choose from, you really can be as creative as you like.

Feature walls and floors are increasing in popularity, adding real focus to bathroom interiors. We’re seeing different shapes being used, like hexagons and mosaics, and intriguing patterns being created with rectangular tiles.

Shower wall panels now offer an excellent alternative to tiles, presenting a virtually seamless appearance in a range of colours and styles.

It’s not only your wall and floor coverings which you can experiment. Different coloured grouts, when tiling, can make a massive difference to the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Go mad for metallics

5 Bathroom Trend Ideas For 2019 - Gold Taps

If you thought chrome was your only option, when choosing taps, showers and accessories, you may need to think again. Interior designers are now moving away from the traditional chrome finish and choosing different coloured metallic finishes to complement their bathroom décor.

Gold has been an enduringly popular metallic finish for a few years now and we expect to see it joined by other metallic finishes like rose gold, copper and nickel in 2019. Look out for bathroom ranges which contain matching taps, showers and accessories, for a coordinated style.

Join the Smart Home revolution

5 Bathroom Trend Ideas For 2019 - Smart Bathroom

Smart home systems are set to revolutionise the way we live our lives. If the popularity of Amazon Alexa and other voice-activated devices are anything to go by, homeowners will be looking for other labour-saving gadgets and gizmos to make things easier.

The bathroom is no exception. Smart showering systems are now readily available and affordable, integrating seamlessly with a wide range of smart home systems.

Imagine being able to start your perfect shower from the comfort of your nice, warm bed or running your bath as you head home, knowing that it will be ready and waiting for you the minute you walk through the door. In 2019, these dreams will become reality for more and more of us.

Storage with style

The average UK home is getting smaller, which means space-saving items are now more popular than ever. One easy way to ensure your bathroom isn’t drowning in clutter is to swap your pedestal basin for a vanity unit.

Vanity units have attracted a lot of attention this year and look set to remain as a popular bathroom choice. With doors or drawers, plus an ever-increasing selection of wood finishes and colours, they offer additional storage for all your essential items, whilst complementing the rest of your décor. We expect to see more grey finishes, along with textured designs, over the course of 2019.

Be bold with your illumination

Why let other rooms on your home have all the fun when it comes to lighting? While lighting ideas for kitchens and living rooms are well known, you may need further illumination when it comes to your bathroom.

To get the mood just right, you’ll need to choose the right type of lighting to suit your space. This coming year, your choice of bathroom lighting will be greater than ever before, allowing you to be creative and explore different design themes.

From industrial style lighting to elegant chandeliers, you can easily swap that boring old central fixture for something more exciting. LED mirrors and wall lights offer a more energy-efficient alternative, helping to keep costs down.

For a spectacular appearance, why not add strip lighting around shelves and furniture? The possibilities are endless.

We hope you enjoyed these 5 bathroom trend ideas for 2019 and have felt inspired to begin your own bathroom renovation project.

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