How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Golden Oasis

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Golden Oasis - Gold Coloured Bath - Image From Cutting Edge Stencils

Copper and rose gold dominated interiors in 2017. It was a look we (and millions of others judging by the copper range in almost every high street store) had become rather attached to.

Inevitably, trends fade. Rose gold and copper are being bumped from top spot. Don’t panic if you’ve become rather attached to a bit of metallic bling. There’s a bigger, bolder and better replacement.

Thankfully, we can still embrace golden tones. 2018 is all about the king (or queen) of bling. Gold and brass are trending in interiors this year. To update your bathroom with something bang on trend, why not turn your relaxing haven into a golden oasis.

The golden tub

By far the biggest statement when it comes to gold in the bathroom is to bring it to the tub. Gold painted freestanding baths are gloriously indulgent and effortlessly turn bathrooms into a wonderfully sophisticated oasis.

We absolutely love this Heritage Hylton freestanding double-ended gold effect bath from The Bathroom Discount Centre. This awesome beauty is the perfect centrepiece for any bathroom celebrating the glorious golden trend.

Glam dark wood furniture with gold and brass accents

Ideal Home interiors magazine predicts that furniture is turning to the dark side this year. The trend for dark wood and retro glamour in the home has been building and is hanging around for 2018. Darker wood furniture, adorned with metallic handles and legs are glamorous, gorgeous and a must for the chic 2018 bathroom.

Gold tiles (yes really)

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Golden Oasis

If you are serious about giving your bathroom the Midas touch, then make maximum impact with metallic gold tiles. Take your pick from herringbone, mosaic, subway or oversized. Caracal Maison’s signature gold tiles are to die for. A natural clay base is covered in real 18 carat gold!

Brass framed mirror – the simpler the better

If a bathroom remodel isn’t on the cards, don’t worry. You can still bling up your bathroom space with gold and brass accessories. The brass framed mirror is a thing of beauty. Check out this stylish round Alana mirror by Made. It’s a steal at £99. Keep frames simple. Going large and gaudy is overkill.

Moody brass-framed artwork

I’m delighted to say typography is out. Done to death. Finished. Hoorah. Moody, fine art photography is in. Hallelujah. For inspiration just browse the Pinterest ‘dark and moody photography’ pin board. If you have the photography skills it would be the ultimate cool to make your own art. Don’t skimp on the frame and mount. A beautiful, simple brass frame with a generous white mount is perfect for your black-and-white arty snaps.

Golden pineapple accessories

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Golden Oasis - Golden Pineapple From ASDA

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I probably shouldn’t be saying this, because pineapples in home décor have surely had their day. But, I’m a sucker for the exotic and I can’t help but love the use of the pineapple in home décor. I may be going out on a limb here, but hang on to your pineapples. In fact, buy more for your bathroom.

Just in case the pineapple police pay you a visit, stick to a budget. Then, saying goodbye to them when they fall out of fashion won’t be such a wrench. Shhh George at Asda has a range of golden pineapple bathroom accessories. We won’t tell!

Gold lighting

Another easy way to add gold accents to your bathroom décor is with the light fittings you choose. Universal Lighting offer a wide range of bathroom wall lights with plenty of gold and brass options. Forget chrome. Brass and gold are in.

Exotic plants

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Golden Oasis - Pots From Not On The High Street - The Forest & Co

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The tropical inspired trend in interior décor was hot at the end of 2017 and it’s still holding up in 2018. Green is a big colour in interiors this year. It has knocked the much-loved ‘downpipe grey’ off top spot in the paint-colour pecking order.

For inspiration, check out the interior of Gucci’s new restaurant in Florence. We think you’ll agree, green, dark wood and gold are made for each other.

Don’t feel you have to go mad with the décor to bring some greenery into your bathroom. Adding plants is an easy way to ramp up the exotic ambience.

Orchids are an elegant choice, and though temperamental, they are the perfect tropical addition to any refined bathroom space. There are quite a few plants that thrive well in the bathroom, so go with the ones you most like the look of. We love the heart-shaped leaves of the Pothos plant and the spikey dramatic leaves of the snake plant.

Be as brazen or as timid as you like with your bathroom décor choices. But, whatever you do, make sure your bathroom has at least a sprinkling of brass or gold.

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