Orlando Granite Countertops: Why It’s The Best Material For Your Kitchen

Kitchen with granit worktops

Do you have a home renovation project that involves your kitchen? Are you wondering about the material to use for your countertop? 

Why not settle for granite? Since it’s one of the ideal materials for your kitchen countertops.

As a homeowner, you might be wondering if it’s the best material for your kitchen countertops, and this article will help clear any doubts. Follow through for the insight!

Why Is Granite The Best Material For Your Kitchen? 

1. Its Heat Resistant

There’s a lot of heat involved in the kitchen. With all the hustle and bustle, you might drop a hot pan straight from the heat onto your countertops. Some materials aren’t heat-friendly and will be damaged if exposed to heat. However, this isn’t the case with granite. 

Kitchen worktop made in granit with cut out sink

Heat-resistant Orlando granite countertops can withstand the hot temperatures of your cooking pots. Despite its heat resistance, it’s best to limit heat exposure. Prolonged exposure might cause cracks and affect the sealant on your granite countertop. Consider placing your hot pans on trivets if you plan on resting them for prolonged periods.

2. It’s Stain Resistant

A kitchen is an ideal place for hygiene and cleanliness. To avoid illness, you don’t want to contaminate food while preparing it.  One of the causes of contamination is stains, where spills remain uncleaned for prolonged periods. These stains might also attract insects, which makes things worse. 

Sealant application is an essential step in the installation of the granite. Naturally, granite is porous, and spills might set in and cause stains since there’s no sealant. The sealant provides a protective surface against staining on your granite countertops.

3. It Requires Minimal Maintenance

When choosing materials for their homes, homeowners often consider maintenance. You don’t want to spend countless hours and money on maintaining your investment after you’ve purchased it. Minimal maintenance is what homeowners strive to find and is what granite countertops will offer you.  

Cleaning granit kitchen worktop

When it involves cleaning, you only need a mild cleaning solution, e.g., dish soap and a soft fibre cloth to wipe down your surface. Please avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals, as they might damage your granite. Since a sealant is an addition to your granite countertops, it requires replacement. Depending on how frequently you use your countertop, it’s best to replace it every two years. If minimal, damaging practices exist, the sealant can last nearly five years without needing to be replaced.

4. It’s Affordable

You don’t want to spend a fortune remodelling or renovating your home. The goal is to achieve affordability without compromising quality. Granite will give you the affordability you desire. 

This material is both short and long-term affordable. Although it’s quite a cheap material to acquire compared to others like marble, you’ll incur costs purchasing and installing it in the short term. 

5. It Will Always Be Fashionable

Design trends change over time, making it challenging to keep up. A glassy look might be the in-thing today, and a matte finish might be the trend tomorrow.

Country kitchen and dining room with granit worktops and wooden ceiling beams

Despite the trending changes, you should never worry about your granite countertop being out of style. When the need arises, you can achieve a glossy and matte finish. If you get dissatisfied with the current look of your granite, you can change the colours to suit your needs. You can also match your countertop’s colour with your flooring or kitchen cabinets for a uniform look.

6. It Increases The Value Of Your Home

Your home’s value is vital, especially if you’re planning to sell it in the future. When the time comes, you want the best deal possible. Homeowners will make changes here and there before the selling period to increase their home’s value.   

One way to increase your home’s value is by adopting granite countertops. Aspects that increase your home’s value will reduce its maintenance needs for future homeowners. As stated herein, granite countertops are easy to maintain, reducing the burden on the next homeowner. As a result, your home’s value increases, ensuring you get a fair price. 


For your kitchen, Orlando granite countertops should be your first choice. The discussion above explains why this is the case. It’s clear that adoption will provide both functionality and aesthetics, which is a win-win situation. Therefore, consider using granite as the material for your kitchen countertops.

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