A Look At Metal Windows: Are They Worth It? 

Modern house build with metal windows

Metal windows are exceedingly popular, as we all know, and they are the windows of choice for many houses and buildings.

You would never see timber or wood windows on skyscrapers, which is a unique testament to metal windows’ versatility, durability, and strength. Windows provide light, of course, and they also protect your property from unwanted elements. In other words, they have more than a few essential functions. And whilst there may be windows made from timber and aluminium or even other materials such as PVC, which is a form of plastic, many people still prefer metal windows – and for a good reason, too. So if you’re looking at replacement windows or are seeking completely new windows for your new property, here’s a look at metal windows – and why they are worth it. 

1. Superior in strength 

Steel or metal windows are, rightly enough, superior in strength compared to other window materials. Steel is indeed the most robust window material you could ever find, and it is even three times stronger than the second most popular window material out there, which is aluminium. Furthermore, because of its innate strength, metal window frames are very difficult – almost impossible – to break, which means better protection for your property throughout the year.

Grey metal open window

In addition, steel window frames can last for a lifetime – which saves you even more money on replacement frames. And if you opt for even higher quality windows such as Crittall windows (which is the best manufacturer of steel windows dating back to the 19th century), you can have your windows replaced by experts in Crittall windows replacement like Metwin. 

2. Better insulation

Another fact that works in their favour are that steel windows are known for offering better insulation, which is especially welcome when there is cold weather or freezing temperatures. They are energy efficient and have the best performance when it comes to thermal insulation. As they are more energy efficient than most, this further saves you energy bills – and it’s friendlier on the environment. 

3. Minimal maintenance 

Compared to other window materials such as timber or wood, steel windows offer minimal maintenance – which means they do not have to be repainted as often as other window materials.

Metal open window

As a result, you don’t need to worry about replacing them for many years, and they are durable and easy to clean – all these windows need is a good wipe-down. In addition, most steel windows available today (especially those from specialists like Crittall) are coated with a layer of paint resistant to rust or corrosion, so they have no problem withstanding the elements, including rain and snow. 

4. A sustainable choice 

Another fact that not many people know about is that steel, as a window or door material, is incredibly sustainable (more so than timber). Steel is a material that is regularly recycled, and it is recycled more often than glass, plastic, paper, and aluminium combined! This means that your steel window frames may very well be 100 per cent sustainable and recycled – making them an ideal option for home or business owners who are ecologically conscious. 

Many manufacturers and even restoration specialists can offer design and installation services for steel windows. So when looking for your installer, make sure to find one that can give you a customised design and strong frames with superior insulation and are waterproof and fire-resistant too.  

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