The Benefits Of A Bespoke Sofa 

The Benefits Of A Bespoke Sofa  - Red Sofa - Image Via

Bespoke is often a byword for luxury. Images of Saville Row and Haute Couture often spring to mind when the word bespoke is bandied around.

However, bespoke doesn’t need to be limited to the clothes that we wear but also the furniture we sit on. There are many benefits of a bespoke sofa and we’ll explore some of them below.

A unique piece to suit your room

Here at Maker&Son we know each of our customers is different and no one has the same room or aspirations for it. Perhaps you would like fabric that matches your wallpaper or carpet? Or perhaps you want a particularly large or smaller sofa to suit your room? Investing in a bespoke piece will deliver exactly the right sofa for the dimensions of your room.

You will be supporting the British economy

The Benefits Of A Bespoke Sofa  - White Corner Sofa - Image Via

At Maker&Son we use only high-quality materials that are sourced locally wherever possible. Our sofas are made by artisan craftsmen who have been making bespoke, high-quality furniture for over 30 years. Mass-produced pieces can often be made in the far east and are typically made with soft or plywoods and not the sustainable beech as we use in our sofas.

It’s better for you, and the environment

We will never use plastics or non-sustainable materials. In fact, you can rest assured that a Maker&Son sofa is made with 100% natural materials. Mass-produced sofas will often contain fillings that are derived from plastics as well as velcro which is also polymer-based. These materials are a big problem to dispose of and never degrade. Plastic based materials are also a known carcinogen so it could also be problematic for your health.

The Benefits Of A Bespoke Sofa - Image Via

Also, it may surprise you that even some ‘luxury’ sofas will be constructed in the far east. This could mean a significant carbon footprint to get the raw materials to the factory (wood from Russian and Scandinavia, typically) and plastic products from all over the globe. Then, of course, there is the journey your sofa will take from the place of production to the store.

Your sofa will only be made using high-quality materials

The price of a bespoke sofa will always be more than a standard ‘off the shelf’ version. But, because so much time and attention are given to the creation of a Maker&Son sofa (it typically takes us one day to make a frame for our sofas) our artisans can only work with natural and quality materials. You see because we don’t use glues, or other non-natural materials to construct our sofas only the best wood and coils will stand up to our rigorous production processes.

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